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Kumkala ancient settlement I.

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"A man does not reveal himself in history: he breaks through it"

Rabindranath Tagore.

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The Kumkala I settlement is located in the Kumkala tract, on the right bank of the Zhanadarya River, at an elevation of 105.6 meters above sea level in the Zhalagash district of the Kyzylorda region, 33.2 kilometers southeast of the Akkyr village and 50.1 kilometers to the south -east from the village of Zhanadarya.
The settlement is a complex of various types of structures preserved in the form of hills and occupying the territory along the river bank within 2 km and about 1 km from the river. The center of the settlement is a rectangular fortress with dimensions of 400 x 320 m.
The fortress is oriented by corners to the cardinal points. The walls of the fortress were built of adobe bricks, pakhsa blocks and reeds, which were used as an interlayer between rows of bricks and blocks. The walls are heavily swollen, nevertheless, they rise above the surface to a height of 5 – 6 m to 10 m.
The width of the southwestern and northeastern walls is 8 – 10 m, the southeastern and northwestern walls are 10 – 12 m.
Here is how S.P. Tolstov in his book "In the footsteps of the ancient Khorezm civilization" in 1948, a visit to the settlement of Kum-Kala.
“At 0735 hours on October 9 we take off and return to the planned route. In 10 minutes we are again above the dense thickets of saxaul. On the banks of the Zhany-darya, the irregular outlines of the swollen ramparts of a large fortress, completely overgrown with dense saxaul.
This is Kum-kala, the designated meeting point. Near her are our cars. Comrades are signaling something to us. We pass low, turning off the engine for a moment. They are shouting something from below, but the words cannot be made out. We must look for a landing ourselves - it is clearly impossible to land here. We make several circles. Around, wherever you look, there is a continuous sea of ​​saxaul. The only flat, open place is a narrow strip of an old road.
Nothing to do. We have to test the technical qualities of PO-2 to the end. II Yalovkin, the lead pilot, is landing. From the first approach it measures on, passes over the road, almost touching the ground. Can! The second approach - and the plane, bouncing, rolls along the road.
The second plane is landing safely. A car rushes to the landing site from behind. A few more minutes - and we are gathered around the campfire again, have breakfast and discuss the situation."
Geographic coordinates of the Kum-Kala settlement: N44 ° 28'55.37 "E64 ° 10'07.18"


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.