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Kulshan Akmeshyt.

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“If you follow the ancient maps written on the stars, no person will ever understand you. So if you could read these maps, would you follow them? And forever be misunderstood? Or would you close your eyes tightly and pretend to be like everyone else?” 

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Kulshan Akmeshyt is an ensemble of monuments which have not only historical and artistic, but agreat spiritual significance. The ensemble is situated in Zhilioi district of the Atyrau region, 28 km north-east of the village Akkiztogay.
The main object of the ensemble is the underground mosque located near the river Zhem. Akmeshyt Kulshan consists of two spacious rooms made of firmly stacked chalk structures, interconnected with a three-layer arc. 
The passage of the mosque is narrow, oblong, the first room has a special opening through which sun rays penetrate in the day time, in such a way, the mosque is illuminated by natural light. 
The walls have special grooves, deep south-eastern part of the room is the mihrab. Mihrab is a special hovel decorated with columns and arch, indicating the direction towards Mecca, it is designed for an imam to pray here, thus when praying, he is ahead of the rest of the congregation. 


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