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Kok-Tobe park.

Walk in park Kok-Tobe.

“Yet once you've come to be part of this particular patch, you'll never love another. Like loving a woman with a broken nose, you may well find lovelier lovelies. But never a lovely so real” 

Nelson Algren.

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Kok Tobe park is one of the symbols of Almaty city and Kazakhstan. It is situated on Kok Tobe peak at a height of 1100 meters above sea level, 5 minutes by driving off the city center.
Active time: all year round
Ways to get to the park: cable way, special buses
Driving time from Almaty International Airport: 30 minutes
The mountain used to be called Verigin – a rich trader who leaved at the foot of this mountain. In earlier 1960ies its convenient position and a picturesque city view from the top of this mountain attracted a “high” attention.
It is said that it was D.A. Kunaev’s (the first secretary of the communist party of Kazakhstan) idea to build a park here. It was planned to build several viewing platforms and walking alleys, benches and a branch of Alma-Ata restaurant on the top of the mountain.
The first cable way in Central Asian region should be the main transportation route for the convenience of our guests. Its construction began in 1965 with the laying of the bottom station next to the Palace of the Republic.
Basic design and installation works were held with the participation of Tbilisi engineers. Gondola with passengers passes its way (1620 meter) for 6 minutes. The uniqueness of the project is that for such a rope length and a vertical drop equal to 250 meters it took only three legs, the maximum distance between which is almost a kilometer.
The project has provided the main priorities - high reliability, all-season work and comfort for visitors. The construction ended on November 4, 1967. From 1978 to 1980 a new building was constructed near to the park on the famous peak of Kazakhstan - Kok -Tobe.
Once again, a unique project - the 372-meter high-tech television tower made of concrete and steel. It is still the tallest building in the country: 13 television stations and almost all radio stations broadcast from here.
TV tower increased the interest of citizens and guests of Almaty to the mountain. In summer 2004, works on reconstruction and strengthening of the slopes of the mountain began, Kok Tobe park was built.
All engineering networks were renewed, access road were paved, fundamental work on mountain landscaping and gardening were conducted, overhaul of the infrastructure was executed during the reconstruction.
In 2005, after the reconstruction, the appearance of the famous mountain changed. In early 2014 it was decided to complete the reconstruction of the north side of the park. The reconstruction includes: construction of a Ferris wheel, a new restaurant complex and a new cable way, since the old one was worn out and outdated.
In 2016 the reconstruction works finished and Kok Tobe park once more welcomed visitors.  On the March 4th the opening ceremony of a new rope way and  new amusement Ferris whell has held at Kok Tobe.

Monuments "The Beatles".Sheme of the park "Kok-Tobe."Park "Kok-Tobe."Monuments "The Beatles".


Alexander Petrov.