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Ghissar reserve.

Walk on Ghissar fortresses.

“It was up this causeway that the Tajik ancestors, the Sogdians, had fled from Arab invaders in the eighth century. For more than fifteen hundred years they had lived along the Zerafshan in a loose-linked galaxy of oasis princedoms. Rut Turkic and Arab incursions at last confined them to the great cities, where their Tajik descendants survive, or drove them deep into the mountains, and the valley which we followed still seemed to echo their desperate migration”

The Lost Heart of Asia, Colin Thubron.

Informative travel to Tajikistan.

Ghissar the historical and cultural reserve is located to the address of: 735020 Republic Tajikistan, area Ghissar, the town of Ghissar. Considering historical and cultural value of site of ancient settlement Ghissar, with the purpose of preservation of monuments of history of culture of Tadjik people, the Decision of Ministerial council of Tajikistan in 1982 has been organized historical and cultural reserve open-air.
In the organization and development of reserve the special contribution have brought it - E.Dodardzhonov, Z.Hasanov, N.N. Negmatov, R.Hasanov, A.Kayumov, Z.Dzhobirov and T.Alimbaev employees, Alovuddinov, F.Abdulloev, T.Denisheva, M.Zabarova, A.Mirzokulov, M. Sharopov, M.Iskandarova, etc.
Greater works on restoration of ensemble of Registan have been spent by architects-restorers: Z.Hasanov, N.Valiev. N.N.Bar, H.Rahmatulloev, T.Hvoryh, S.Shchetuhinoi, S.Repin. Efforts of employees of reserve had been collected huge quantity of an archeologic and ethnographic material, the part from which is exposed in an exposition of the small museum located in building madrasah Kuhna.
Studying Ghissar of a site of ancient settlement and its vicinities, has begun in 1925 and with insignificant breaks proceeds about one today. Research of archeologic and architectural monuments is connected with names of known scientists, employees of Institute of history, archeology, ethnography of the Academy of sciences of Republic of Tajikistan, the State Hermitage (St.-Petersburg), Institute of oriental studies (Moscow), Institute of history of material culture (St.-Petersburg): M.S.Andreev, M.M.Djakonov, H.P. Petaniskiy, A.P.Okladnikov, B.A.Litvinskiy, E.A.Davidovich, A.M.Muhtarov, E.V.Zeimal, T.M.Atahanov, A.L.Abdullaev, P.T.Samoilik. In different years in archeologic works took part E.P.Saltovskaya, М.А.Bubnova, E.Gulyamova, E.A.Yurkevich, E.P.Denis, A.E.Maniahina, V.S.Solovev, A.G.Amosov, T.G.Filimonova, S.Narzulloev.
In 2001 have passed the basic works connected with restoration and preservation of historical buildings, the bases and the main serf gate. Now the reserve consists of several parts - Ghissar fortresses with a site of ancient settlement at it parking Tepai Gazien, settlements and burial grounds Khoki Safed, Tupkhona, borrowing the natural hills compactly located near to coast river Khonako, fortresses, buildings of two madrasah both the inhibited bases of a mosque and a caravan-shed.
From ancient constructions near to fortifications it was saved an one-storeyed building old madrasah where the museum with ethnographic and archeologic expositions now settles down, and a building two-storeyed madrasah, constructed in XVIII - XIX centuries.
The magnificent fortress was a residence of the deputy of East Bukhara, one of influential беков Bukhara emirats in XIX century. In Middle Ages Ghissar was famous as the city known for the rich markets and craft traditions.
Today in territory of ancient city architectural and archeologic monuments of various epoch were saved. Under protection Ghissar of historical and cultural reserve there are 32 historical buildings, the total area of reserve makes 19,5 hectares.
Near to a gate of a fortress the monument to heroes of Great Domestic war is established. Near to the main gate at fortresses in a shadow of old plane trees settle down cafe and restaurants.
The place is visited by a newly-married couple during ceremony of wedding and graduates of schools. Thinking of desires, people fasten patch up on branches of trees near to a fortress.
To the right of an input the premise of dome mosque Sangin (the Stone mosque) XII - XVI centuries settled down, and all perimeter of a courtyard has been borrowed кельями for students.

Ghissar reserve.Ghissar reserve.Ghissar reserve.Ghissar reserve.

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