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Gate citadel of Turkestan.

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«Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved»

Thomas Fuller.

Trip from Turkestan on fortress Sauran.

Gate of a citadel of Turkestan are dated XVIII - XIX century of century. In east wall сохранившего­ся a fortress citadel fragment. Сonstructed in line with architectural traditions of late medieval Central Asian fortification.
The monument itself the portal construction with a lancet arch flanked by 2 towers ladders. As well as the wall of fortress, a collar are topped with loopholes and teeth. Wooden two-fold a of gate are fixed pivotally between stone (from sandstone) the basis and a beam crossing point.
Passes to ladders of towers are blocked by a frame flooring. Steps of ladders board, jammed in a laying of walls. Construction is executed from the extended burned of a so-called "European" sample, on limy solution, an arch - a square brick on plaster.
Fortress walls are put from adobe the V dimensional brick. Besides ladders, in towers, the exit to the fighting course of a wall is provided with the large arranged from within a citadel, along a wall, on the right and to the left of gate. Gate are reconstructed in 1980.

Arch of historical and cultural monuments of Kazakhstan. Southern Kazakhstan area. Volume 1. Alma-Ata. Main editorial office "Kazakhstan of an Entsiklopediyasa", 1994. Author of article A. I. Proskurin, B. T. Tuyakbayeva.

Alexander Petrov.