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Cape Sagyndyk.

Walks on jeeps on Mangyshlak along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Trip on the cape Sagandyk on the Caspian Sea.

Cape Sagyndyk is located on the southwest coast of the Caspian sea. Steep and steep rocky shores distinguish Cape Segunda. The very deep waters of the coast of the Cape allowed mariners to determine in this place of anchorage for ships dock.
Many call this area the devil's finger. A huge rock stands in the sea, as if pointing the traveler path. But how valid is this way? This is the task that can be resolved, refer to the compass. Cape Sagyndyk adjoins the Rocky Cape.
The name speaks for itself. For impressionable natures travellers rocky terraces will long remain in memory. And the oilers know that in the waters of the Cape discovered oil field, which is named "Rocky sea".
In the research work of the nineteenth century Dmitry Levkina have the following information: "At Cape Urdyuk the coastline changes direction to the South-East coastal strip, gradually rising, forms between the ridge and the shore by a narrow terrace, steeply descending to the sea.
The underwater part of the coast cluttered with huge rocks sticking above the surface. This character of the coast is maintained to Cape Sagyndyk". More recently this natural phenomenon is located on the Eastern coast of the Caspian sea with beautiful beaches, lagoons, separated by bizarre rock terraces and clean water was difficult to access. Coastal terrace seats are dissected by cracks that the surf has eroded and polished in the long gullies and rocky galleries, half filled with water.
It's a Paradise for diving and just for a fruitful stay under the hot sun and velvet gray waters of the Caspian sea. Was a highway built, and it became available to everyone and is well known among local and urban residents as "43 kilometer".
Road, mismanagement and lack of culture made her sad case – the shore turned into a dump of household waste, with which nature simply unable to cope. It is very sad to start the story about the beautiful and unusual places Mangistau region with such lines.

Authority:, photos Serednyuk K.