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Burial ground Kyzyltas.

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At a northeast slope of Sorokina of the mountain, the burial ground Kyzyltas is located. There are bronze era monuments till the early Middle Ages. The bulk of burial mound and fencings in different years was investigated by F. H. Arslanova (1972), G. A. Kushch (1980), G. I. Suvorova (1990), A. A. Tkachyov (1992).
In the 30th years of last century, the great archeologist S. S, Chernikov noticed and reported about groups of barrows near the village of Leninka near which there is a natural boundary Ak-Baur. The received material is stored in funds of the regional historian of museum of local lore of Ust-Kamenogorsk.
A specific place on a burial ground is held by three barrows with "moustaches". Barrows with "moustaches" are barrows with directed to the East, one South less, two or one stone ridges. In a northern part of the burial mound field a barrow with "moustaches" with the long hundred meter ridges of stones dispersing from the main embankment on the East.
The arrow of a monument indicated the West - on the square mountain Karabas. Most of archeologists consider barrows with "moustaches" funeral monuments. Certain researchers suggest to consider them as the archaeological astronomical objects focused by the points and elements on the certain planets and stars which are in concrete time points in characteristic points of a sky.
There is no unity in determination of chronology of barrows with "moustaches". The most different dates in the range are offered: from the 6th century B.C. to the middle of the I millennium B.C.

The board in the natural boundary Akbaur. June, 2017. Evgeny Kurdakov of "Ak-Baur of a secret and opening". Ust-Kamenogorsk, 2008.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.