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Baksy Koylybai grave.

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"Preachers of various faiths and interpreters with their delusions are not an example for me"

Maarri al-Maarri.

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Baksy Koylybai grave is located 37 meters from the right (eastern) bank of the Dulygaly river, 7.5 kilometers northeast of the Taldykuduk peasant farm, 5 kilometers south and slightly east of the Dugaly mosque, 71.8 kilometers southwest of the village Sarlyk and 77.8 kilometers north and slightly west of the village of Baikonyr in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region.
Koylybai-baksy from the Kipchak clan, who lived approximately in the 9th-10th centuries, was a famous healer (in Kazakh - bucks), as well as a follower of Korkyt, the inventor of one of the most popular Kazakh folk musical instruments - kobyz, the possession of which, according to legend, always meant a connection with the world of magic and secret powers.
One of the famous legends associated with Koylybai is the story of how the art of playing the kobyz helped the Kazakhs defeat the Kalmyks in horse races. There is also a legend, retold by Shokan Valikhanov, and tells about how the djinn subordinate to Koilybai, led by the djinn Nadir-Sholak, were able to save their master from the army of the Albasta (in Turkic mythology, demonic feminine creatures who hunt for the extermination of small children).
The grave of Baksy Koylybai has been an object of pilgrimage for many centuries. In our time, a mausoleum was built on it, a place was equipped to accommodate pilgrims.
Geographic coordinates of grave of Baksy Koylybay: N48 ° 29'44.94 "E65 ° 44'13.59"

Authority and photos:
Vitaly Shuptar.
lexander Petrov.