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Akmysh valley on Mangyshlak.

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Akmysh valley, located in the central part between the Northern and Western Aktau mountain ranges, 156 meters from the valley to the east passes the Shetpe - Shayr highway, 1.6 kilometers south-west of Mount Sherkala, 17 kilometers north-west of Shtepe village in Mangistau district of Mangistau region.
The Akmysh valley is located in the Mangistau mountains, to the north of the valley in the latitudinal direction the Northern Aktau mountain range stretches, from the south the valley borders the Western Karatau mountains. Between them, in a small green, cozy valley, is the Akmysh valley.
The Akmysh valley attracts not only the beautiful nature: a grove, a babbling stream, but also the historical monuments of the ruins of the ancient settlement of Kyzyl Kala, which is located 200 meters south of the valley.
The length of the Akmysh stream, a little more than 1 kilometer with a small grove along the banks, water from the Samal gorge, from where the water supply is laid to the farm, gets into the stream. Taras Shevchenko called this place a miracle number two in Mangyshlak.
Once upon a time, century-old willows grew here, but they have long disappeared, and their place was taken by the plantings made by the local shepherd Tokymbay. A stream fed by a mountain spring is drying up due to a dry spring.
The attraction of this place is also in its rarity, where a traveler can rest under the rustle of foliage. 4 kilometers to the south and slightly east of the Akmysh tract is the picturesque Samal gorge, not far from the Sazanbay gorge.
Geographic coordinates of Akmysh valley: N44 ° 14'53.54 "E51 ° 59'15.28"

Akmysh valley.Akmysh valley.Akmysh valley. Kind from Sherkala mountain.Akmysh valley.Akmysh valley. Kind from helicopter.Akmysh valley.

Alexander Petrov (Almaty), Andrey Astafyev (Aktau).

Alexander Petrov.