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Abul-Fazla mausoleum.

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Abup-Fazl mausoleum - the most important religious and spiritual monument of the Serakhs oasis.
In the 1830th years the English traveler A. Burns who wrote that he stopped in Serakhs "near a tomb of some Muslim Saint whom as the inscription says, called Abu-p-Fazl Guzi" paid attention to this mazar. The photo of the mausoleum was published for the first time in 1894 by professor of VA. Zhukovsky also convincingly proved accessory to his famous Muslim mystic Abu - the l-Fazl which died in 1023 and buried near Serakhs.
After his death pupils built the mausoleum over a grave. In the XVth century it was completely restored.
The portal which is in the center of the main facade and issued by carved inscriptions, in the XVth century considerably pushed forward is remarkable.
Monument of architecture of the beginning of the XIth century, one of the most works of architecture of South of Turkmenistan constructed in 1024 which at small dimensions (15,4 x 15,4 meters) looks rather monument.
It has a double dome over the cubic form volume to which at the beginning of the XV century constrict put forward peshtak, decorated with carved artificial marble with handwriting inscriptions suls against the background of vegetable textures.
In an interior then the plafond was considerably changed, the arch and the sails filled with modelled stalactites is removed.

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