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About Ak-Sheikh-Bobo.

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"The legends are dead, and the living are in their shadows"

Myths of Uzbekistan.

According to the legend, over the entire Kunya-Ark fortress with its powerful wall, semi-towers and “Kungra” battlements in the 10th - 11th centuries. the castle towered. Now only a bastion remained of him, built not from brick and stone, but from unbaked clay.
This strange structure is known under the name "Ak-Sheikh-Bobo" - "White Sheikh". However, he has another, similar in sound, poetic name “Ashik-bobo”, which means “old man in love”. Now it is difficult to say what was the basis for the name.
So it seems that there high, behind the battlements of the walls, hides a hermit, away from the world. However, it is obvious that this house "chardara keshk", as such buildings are called in Khorezm, was intended for patrol service and served as a bastion.
And indeed, this is a great observation point: from here you can see all the ancient Khiva. Before the gaze the city appears from a true oriental tale. A line of minarets pierces the sky, domes of mausoleums and mosques rise above the flat roofs of houses, the peshtaks of madrasahs glittering with blue tiles rise above the shaded loggia galleries, the battlements of the fortress walls alternate with the monumental portals of the city gates.
Among the labyrinths of the streets there are Khan palaces, surrounding courtyards with elegant aivans.

"Khiva City and Legends" tourist guide to Khiva.