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Mausoleum of Nurbergen Kylyshev.

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"Works of building art stand unshakably on the banks of the historical stream of life, but are carried away by it"

Hans Georg Gadamer.

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The mausoleum of Nurbergen Kylyshev is located on the Senek necropolis, dates back to 1900 of the XX century, located in the Karakiya district of the Mangistau region, 1.8 kilometers southeast of the village of Senek, 2.3 kilometers north of the cliff of the Kulanda ledge, 1.1 kilometer from the southern edge of the Tuyesu sands.
In the first group of the necropolis, the most interesting from the architectural point of view is the mausoleum of Nurbergen Kylyshev, built by the famous architects Dutbay Zhandauletov and Nurniyaz Izbasarov. The composition of the mausoleum is organized by a clear combination of a square (5 x 5.5 meters) quadrangle on a developed three-step profiled base with a slender dome tent on a cylindrical drum.
The mausoleum has absolutely correct laconic forms. The main facade is located on the southeast side, it is highlighted with a parapet and decorated with a round medallion covered with carvings in the form of a national ornament.
The entrance opening is framed by a portal with a profiled sandrik (small cornice) and a four-step march closed by massive longitudinal pedestals. The façade and walls of the mausoleum are decorated from the inside with bizarre ornamentation that once again emphasizes the great skill of the architects.
Ornamental patterns are made in high technique and are based on plant motifs (flowers, petals, buds), as well as zoomorphic forms (tue-taban, kosmuiz, syarmuizm) and geometric shapes (circles, triangles, rhombuses, squares).
In the decoration of the mausoleum, the technique of carving along the contour was used, followed by polychrome coloring.
Geographic coordinates of the mausoleum of Nurbergen Kylyshev: N43 ° 21'20.36 "E53 ° 24'11.89"

Mausoleum of Nurbergen Kylyshev. Photo by G.G. Gersimov. 50s of the XX century.

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