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Monument for Valikhanov in settlement of Shankhanai.

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“Like a brilliant meteor, a descendant of the Kazakh khans and at the same time an officer of the Russian army, Chokan Chingisovich Valikhanov, flashed over the field of oriental studies. Russian Orientalists unanimously recognized his phenomenal appearance and expected great and important revelations from him about the fate of the Turkic peoples, but Chokan's premature death deprived us of these hopes. In less than thirty years he did what others could not do in their entire life"

Outstanding Russian orientalist, academician N.I. Veselovsky (1848 - 1918).


Monuments to outstanding people of Kazakhstan.

The monument to Shokan Valikhanov is located at an altitude of 1213 meters above sea level, located 95 meters southwest of the Altyn-Emel Museum in western, central part of village of Shankhanai (Shokan), Kerbul district of Zhetysu region. 
The sculptor of the monument is Iulian Rukavishnikov, the architect Nikolai Milovidov (Russia). The monument was erected in 1979. A solid bridge was built across the dry canal bed, and then a monumental staircase leads to the monument.
The monument is located on a hill, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding area. 
Geographic coordinates of monument to Shokan Valikhanov: N44°14'38 E78°14'42

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.