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Geoglyph "Turgai Ring".

Mysterious places of Kazakhstan.

"Mounds arranged in a row, forming geometric shapes like triangles and quadrangles... are located at the same distance from each other"

I.A. Castagne. "Antiquities of the Kyrgyz steppe and the Orenburg region". 1910, p. 64.

Secrets ofnature of Kazakhstan.

Geoglyph "Turgai Ring" or "Ashchytasty Ring" is located at an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, located between the Ashchytasty and Tasta rivers, 1.6 kilometers from the right (northern) bank of the Ashchytasty River, 19.6 kilometers southwest of the village of Mirny, 30.2 kilometers northwest of the village of Koktau, 16.6 kilometers southeast of the village of Tasty, on the territory subordinate to the city administration of the towncity of Arkalyk in the southeastern part of the Kostanay region.
The geoglyph "Torgan ring" is a circle, which consists of 25 mounds, with a diameter of 12 meters. The inner diameter of the circle oriented from southwest to northeast is 157 meters, the diameter from southeast to northwest is 148 meters.
The perimeter of the circle is 516 meters. To the north of the "Turgai ring" there are three ring moats. There is a group of several mounds 1.2 kilometers east of the Turgai ring geoglyph, and three mounds 220 meters southwest. At 5.2 kilometers to the northwest there is a group of 4 barrows stretched in a line from the southwest to the northeast.
Geoglyph "Ashtysty cross"  is located 19 kilometers southeast of the geoglyph "Torgai Ring".
Geographical coordinates of geoglyph "Torgai (Ashtasty) ring":  N50°22'05.82" E66°09'00.56"

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