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Burial ground Kuygenzhar.

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Tours from the city of Nur-Sultan to Kentau.

The Kugengjar burial ground is located in the vicinity of Nur-Sultan. The mound covered with stone shell has a height of 3.5 m and a diameter of 50 meters. According to architecture and construction, it dates from the 2nd - 1st centuries BC.
The burial was robbed, while important information was obtained on the architecture of the mounds of the early Iron Age. The embankment was constructed using raw blocks. It was also revealed that an underground corridor (dromos) 6 meters long led to the grave pit from the east.
The steps leading down were knocked out at the bottom of the corridor. At the end of the dromos, a burial chamber was excavated 2.2 meters long, 1.8 meters wide, about 1 meter high. At the bottom and in the filling of the burial chamber, bones of the human skeleton and fragments of iron objects were found.
Seven inlet (i.e., later) burials are open in the embankment. According to the details of the funeral rite, they date from the Middle Ages. One of the inlet burials of a man of Turkic time contained silver earrings and bronze plaques of a type belt.

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