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Park 28 panfilovtsev Almaty.

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The park of 28 Panphilovs was founded in 70s of XIXth century in memory of the 28 guards. The main kinds of the trees in the territory of the park: oak, aspen, maple, fir-trees. The park was founded on the place of the cemetery.
The war memorial and Eternal Flame commemorate the defenders of the Motherland and there is a memorial walkway with stone pedestals engraved with the names of the 28 heroes. The main types of tree: karagach, oak, aspen, maple, fir-trees.
This park was founded on the place of stanitsa cemetery. The name of the park had changed every time, in 1899 it got the name “Pushkin garden” dedicated to centenary of Pushkin A.S., in 1919 it was named in honor of fighters for freedom, 1927 – the park of Federation, later it was connected with Cathedral and got the name – Town garden, and in 1924 it got its modern name.
It got the modern name “The park of 28 panfilovs” in memory of the 28 guards of 1075 regiment of 316 rifle division commanded by General Panfilov who died heroically in the Second World War. In 1941 in November this division fought near the Moscow where almost of them were died.
The park is located in the Medeu district of Almaty, on an area of ​​about 18 hectares, limited to Kazybek bi, Zenkova, Gogol and Kunaev st. The park has been officially named since May 5, 1942 in memory of the Panfilov division and Almaty heroes who stopped the Nazi tanks offensive on Moscow during the Great Patriotic War.
All 28 Panfilov’s ranked Hero of the Soviet Union. In the eastern part of the park are the Museum of Folk Instruments. Ykhlasa, House of Officers, Monument to soldiers-internationalists and a memorial of Glory with the Eternal Flame.
The opening of the memorial complex took place on May 8, 1975, to the 30th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. The memorial consists of a high relief "Oath" dedicated to young fighters for Soviet power in Kazakhstan. T
he central part of the “Feat” triptych captures the images of Panfilov heroes who defended Moscow with their breasts. On the right is the song “Trumpets of Glory”, its images embody the anthem of triumphant life. At the Eternal Flame - massive cubes of labradorite, under which are encapsulated capsules with earth delivered from hero cities.
To the west of the memorial is a presidential alley with Tien Shan fir trees planted by the presidents of different countries who visited Kazakhstan in the early years of independence. On the south side is a monument-bust of the hero of the Soviet Union, the guard, Major General I. Panfilov.
o the north of the monument, along the Memory Alley, which intersects the entire park, stone stands with carved names of 28 Panfilov heroes are installed. On the north side of the park is a monument to Baurzhan Momysh-ula, on the west - a monument-bust to Tokash Bokin.
All alleys converge in the center of the park, where the Ascension Cathedral is located. In the daytime in the park you can meet squirrels, who calmly take from the people goodies in the form of nuts and seeds. In the cold season, flocks of blue ticks gingerly peck seeds from the hands of passers-by.
A large number of pigeons in the square on the north side of the cathedral fearlessly sit on the arms and shoulders of people with food. On weekends and holidays, the park is especially crowded. People come with bouquets of flowers to honor the memory of heroes who fell in battle for their homeland.

Oak alley in the park.Avenue of Friendship.Guns of caliber 75 mm from the side of Gogol street.In front of the Ascension Cathedral.Alley of Military physicians "I burn myself shining to others."The place of the old cemetery.Alley of Heroes of the Soviet Union who died in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945Alley of Heads of State.Memorial of Glory.Monument to soldiers-internationalists.Ascension Cathedral.Officers House in the park of 28 heroes of Panfilov’s.

The guidebook across Kazakhstan . Authors Dagmar Schreiber and Jeremy Tredinnick.   Publishing house "Odyssey".2010 and the material for this page is taken from the printed edition."Guide to Kazakhstan"  2002.

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