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Station square Almaty-2.

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“To start construction means to give yourself up for plunder”

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On the Railway Station Square Almaty-2 there is a monument to Khan Abylay, which was built in the period from 1998 to 20,000. Authors: sculptors and architects K.K. Satybaldiev, S.E. Baimagambetov, T. Eraliev, Z.S. Baimagambetov, V.I. Sidorov, M.E. Erkenov.
Before the station square was intended for other heroes of the past time - Amangeldy Imanov, who was erected in 1940, Abay Kunanbaev in 1954, M.I. Kalinin in 1972. In the late 90s, the monument to Kalinin was dismantled and a monument to Khan Ablai was erected in its place.
In the intervals of socialist life, it was supposed to put a memorial sign to the heroes of developing virgin land and fallow lands of Kazakhstan. However, the professional renaming of Starokladbischenskaya streets to Vokzalnaya, the political nomination of Stalin Avenue and Communist Avenue, remained in the past.
Now the new old name of the eternal khan Abylai ...

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