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History of Lermontov Drama Theater in Almaty.

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“Rough, ordinary minds make reading only pale, insignificant pleasure. The theater, on the contrary, portrays everything without leaving anything to the imagination: that’s why it completely satisfies the majority"

Anatole France (1844 - 1924), French writer.

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The building of the State Academic Russian Drama Theater named after M.Yu. Lermontov. The history of the theater as a monument, according to documents stored in the Central State Archive of Almaty, dates back to December 4, 1964.
According to the Project assignment, the project of a drama theater in the city of Alma-Ata was developed in 1965 by the Central Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Engineering of Spectacular Buildings and Sports Facilities of the Central Research and Design Institute of Typical and Experimental Design of Spectacular, Sports and Administrative Buildings and Structures (Moscow).
By the decision of the Alma-Ata City Executive Committee for the construction of the theater, a land plot of 1.7 hectares was allocated in the area of ​​Kommunistichesky Avenue, named after Abay, K. Bayseitova Street and ul. Kurmangazy.
The building area of ​​the theater building is 3720 square meters. An auditorium with 846 seats, including a stall - 220 seats. In front of the main facade, according to Conclusion No. 32, “a pool with a mirror area of ​​about 1000 square meters is arranged; the remaining area is covered with concrete slabs, landscaped and landscaped.
The construction period is set by the project 2.5 years. " On July 29, 1965, the Gosstroy of the Kazakh SSR, discussing the “Project Task”, issued Decision No. 37 on its coordination with some comments:
1. Raise the first floor floor mark / level of the auditorium lobby / by 1.5 meters so that it coincides with the sidewalk mark of Abay Avenue.
2. To work out, together with Kazgorstroyproekt, the decision of the square in front of the theater and the public (Republican) library.”

Drama Theater named after M. Lermontov in Almaty. 1970.

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