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Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.

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The Konuspai-Labaka tomb of the saint is located on the left side of the Kara-Kengir River, northwest of the Zhoshy-Khan Mausoleum, 20 km southeast of the village of Malshibay, Ulytau District, Karaganda Region.
Labaka Mausoleum is a portal-dome structure with dimensions of 7.25 × 8.25 m, 6.45 m high. The mausoleum was built of adobe bricks, it was faced with burnt bricks outside and inside, the dome was lined with square burnt bricks.
Decorated with a frieze on the main facade of slabs with a primitive ornament. The height of the base is 50 cm. The entrance opening is oriented to the south-west. On the wall of the portal niche there are two square bricks with inscription in Arabic letters and ornaments made with vegetable colors.
Epigraphy is poorly preserved (not decrypted). The northern, western and eastern facades are decorated with curly herringbone brickwork. Entrance aperture - lancet form. The transition from the square plan to the circle of the dome was carried out through the installation of corner niches.
At the center of the walls in the interior are similar niches. The volume of the monument, eight niches in the interior, as well as the niche of the entrance opening, expand slightly downward. The arches of the niches and the entrance aperture have half a circular outline.
Peshtak is decorated with a frieze and a U-shaped square slabs with simple ornaments. The cornice is decorated with decorative masonry made of diagonal folded row of bricks. The remaining three facades are similar to the portal frieze, as well as a decorative texture from masonry to the Christmas tree.
The dome is framed by two rows of bricks protruding from the corners. The dimensions of the Labak mausoleum in plan: along the outer perimeter - 7.25 x 8.24 meters. The thickness of the walls is about 90 cm. Height - 6.44 meters.
One of the best examples of the XIX century in Central Kazakhstan. The mausoleum of Konuspai-Labak was built in 1874. In 1982, the Labak Mausoleum was included in the list of historical and cultural monuments of the Kazakh SSR of republican significance and taken under state protection.
In the summer of 1975, he was examined by an expedition of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR (M. Mamanbaev, M. Nurkabaev, M. Sembin). In the necropolis, where the Konuspai-Labaka mazar is located, there is a dilapidated mausoleum “Kishkentai” (XVIII century), covered with a carpet pattern.

Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.Mausoleum of Labaka-Konuspai.

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