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Kordai wind in Zhambyl region.

A trip from Almaty to the Shu train station.

“Ignorance of nature is the greatest ingratitude”

Pliny the Elder.

A trip from Almaty to the Moyunkum desert.

The Kordai local wind is observed over the Kordai pass, located in the southeast of the Zhambyl region in the Kordai region at an altitude of 1233 meters above sea level.
Strengthening of the Kordai wind is associated with compression of the air flow in the valley between the Kindyktas mountains and the Zhetyzhol ridge.
The maximum speed in the summer is 28 meters per second, in the spring and autumn 34 meters per second. In winter, during the period of dominance of the Siberian anticyclone on the territory of the Kazakhstan spur and the movements of northwestern flows of cold air in the direction of the length of the mountain pass, the greatest increase in the Kordai wind is noted.
The speed reaches 40 meters per second (144 kilometers per hour).
The Kurdish wind blows for several weeks. On average, up to 55 times a year there is a maximum increase in wind speed.

Authority and photos
Alexander Petrov.