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The legend of Islam Khodja.

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"Legends are often destroyed by those who dig up sources"

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Legends about Uzbekistan.

The main vizier and father-in-law of Isfandiyar-khan Islam Khoja, unlike the majority of khan officials, was an educated and far-sighted person who adhered to progressive views. Islam Khoja often visited St. Petersburg, was interested in the events taking place in the Russian Empire, understood the need for modern reforms in the Khanate.
He was a supporter of the development of commercial, business and cultural ties with Russia, supported the idea of ​​creating a local industry. At his insistence, the first European-type school in the khanate, a cotton factory, a hospital, a pharmacy, a post office and a telegraph, bridges and roads were built in Khiva, and railroad construction projects were considered.
However, the fate of the founder of the madrasa and the minaret was tragic. The clergy and the conservative-minded nobility were hostile to the policies of Islam Hoxha and his innovations. According to legend, they managed to win over Khan Isfandiyar to his side, convincing him that Islam Khoja represents a threat to Khan's power.
The fate of the chief vizier was sealed. One night, when Islam Khoja was returning to his country residence, unknown persons inflicted several fatal stab wounds on him and fled. However, no one was looking for them: Khan knew about the impending murder and did not hinder him.

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