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Petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek

To see petroglyphs Southern Kazakhstan.

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Not high mountains Bayan-Zhurek are prolonged in latitude direction from the west to the east and have prolongation about 20 km. The highest top оf ridge is 2079 meters. Rock pictures .аге carved оп rock blocks and separate plates from the southern and south-west exposition.
They аге situated оп mountains ridge. То the north and to the south from ridge there is small quantity of similar rocks with petroglyphs and separate stones with pictures. Choice of plates with pictures was stipulated bу nature of rocks, covered bу dense dark patina.
Wide valley Kaskarau is situated between ridges Bayan-Zhurek and Djungar Alatau. lts beginning lies at foothill of Djungar Alatau оп height 1800 - 1900 meters above sea level in the region of the west edge of the mountains Bayan-Zhurek.
From the eastern side valley is bordered bу rivers Berkutchi-Bien and Saga-Bien. Part of rivers, flowing from the northern slopes of Djungar Alatau is going to the north, rounding the mountains Bayan-Zhurek from the west.
Other rivers round the mountains from the east. Essential qllantity of archaeological monument of different epochs has bееn revealed in valley: settlements of the Bronze epoch and burial grounds of the same time, like Tasbas, Kalakai, and Muzdy-Bulak, where archaeological researches were carried out.
Valley, going down, is formed bу ancient glacier, which was later crossed bу water flows. Till current times, remained boulders, brought bу glacier. Glacier саme close to the mountain ridges Bayan-Zhurek and rounded them from the west to the east.
After it's thawing in the region of rock crest with petroglyphs was formed canyon with river. And in current time the small river is flowing оn canyon. Width of valley from the north to the south is 6 - 7 km, from the west to the east along the mountains Bayan-Zhurek it is 16 - 17 km.
In average valley has the height above sea level from 1500 m to 2000 m. Even in June month here аге storms, and already in early September here are the first autumn frosts. Abundance of rains and many rivers and streams let to use valley for cattle-breeding and farming currently.
Essential quantity of Sakae burial mounds is the evidence of forming in that region of nomadic economy. Fragments of Early Iron Age ceramics саn bе observed now оn old nomadic road along the River Berkutchi-Bien. Boulders with holes, discovered along the River Berkutchi-Bien are referred to the same time.
In valley of the River Muzdy-Bulak are situated the places of iron melting, which functioned from early 1 millennium В.С to the period of Middle Ages. Previous archaeological works carried out in valley and in the mountains Bayan-Zhurek let to establish fact of settling of that region оп prolongation of тапу epochs, and the biggest quantity of monuments is referred to the epoch of Early Iron Age.
Many petroglyphs have bееn discovered оп slopes of the mountains Bayan-Zhurek. They are situated along mountains' crest and оn taps of hillocks. Petroglyphs аге concentrated оп а big space and bу their location they differ from rock pictures of Tamgaly in the mountains Anrakhai, Saimaly-Tash in Fergana ridge or Malyi Usek оn the southern slopes of the Jungar Alatau, where it's possible to border and to distinguish approximately zone of the most ancient sanctuary and to mark the latest layers of pictures.
Ву their topography petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek are analogous to the pictures of Eshki-Olmes: they are .also concentrated оп tops of hills and in pre top part of them; and only small quantity of them is situated in low part of canyon.
The same as in Eshki-Olmes, pictures аге prolonged оn prolongation of several kilometres, so, by our point оf view, definition of this entire zone with pictures, as the sanctuary will be not exact.
The correct way is to define this zone as sacral оnе. There is по (or small quantity) squares, where could meet people for sacral action; there is nо distinguished places for carrying out competitions or ceremonies.
Cult subjects are met rarely, than in Eshki-Olmes, and mostly оп tops of hills, so we саn consider that petroglyphs of Bayan-Zhurek аге connected with cult of sacrificial mountains. Аll pictures were divided for several groups convincingly.
These groups are defined bу peculiarities of landscape and are divided between each other bу sections of space without stones with pictures. The west part of the mountains Bayan-Zhurek is presented bу several crests, joined together under top of prevailed hill in this part of mountains.
The first group оf petroglyphs Bayan-Zhurek is situated оn the third by account from the valley Kaskarau north crest. Long crest forms the ledge. In this place crest becomes plainer. The same as оn other parts, here are discovered petroglyphs of different times.
Among them are Sakae pictures of goats and wild rams and the earliest pictures of the Bronze epoch, which are covered bу dark patina; small pictures with riders are referred to the latest time and they are situated near the above mentioned pictures.
Everywhere оn prolongation of all crests аге met petroglyphs with traces of renovation. Figure of priest-shaman was discovered behind straight arch.
Petroglyphs of the second group Bayan-Zhurek аге situated оп height 1580 meters. The most expressive pictures of that group were discovered. They are pictures of all epoch. Among them аге figures of Sakae wild boars and Turkic archers with big compound bowls.
Theгe are also restored pictures. On оnе picture figure of bull was renovated and transferred into wild boar, but its long tail, going downward let to see contour of the most ancient picture.
There are also pictures of bulls, snakes, solar signs. Among the most ancient pictures there are тапу pictures of people. Mostly they are pictured with hands, going up or hands going to the sides.
There are scenes and multi figure compositions with traces of renovations and the latest pictures in upper part of this crest. Upper layer of а big plate is filled bу scene of hunting for deer goat with participation of foot archers.
One of archers is pictured in mask. The second layer with petroglyphs forms several figures of foot people. In centre is erotic scene of coupling of man with horse. His head looks like goat' head with horn turned back side, but it is difficult to confirm, that тап in goat's mask is pictured, as his figure is renovated partially.
Above horse is carved оn smaller figure of man and animals. Low layer is formed bу figures of horse and two riders оn horses. These pictures are most large, contour, and silhouette. On the right side is the scene of following wild ram bу dog.
Cult scene of coupling of maskered with horse is the most ancient, the same as figures of other people. Among pictures of this group are Medieval Turkic pictures of foot archers, scenes of fight of foot and horse warriors with spears, figures of Turkic riders in high head -dresses.
Неге are also discovered not small quantity of thin and precious pictures of wild rams and deer. Mountain ridge with petroglyphs in upper part is joined with the second ridge.
Petroglyphs оf the third group Bayan-Zhurek are situated in the place of joining, lower bу slope, оn stones and plates with dark patina. It is started from the height 1675 m above sea level and is continued up to the place of joining this mountain ridge with the most southern crest with view to the valley Kaskarau.
Pictures are carved оn rocks of crest and оn its southern slope. Неге are discovered also several cult scenes. Оn separately laid stones are carved pictures of three personages with hands risen up. In their hands are disks of or spheres, in which are seen solar signs.
Obviously, оnе of personages is pictured in а bird's costume. Оn the other side of this stone is pictured masker, probably, in mask of wolf. Among petroglyphs of this group are met pictures of different epochs, but pictures of the Bronze epoch prevail: men with sticks in their hands, or with rods, goats, bulls,   scenes of following goats and wild rams bу dogs; there are also signs in а form of ring with dog  and going from ring straight line and chariot.
Маnу pictures of foot men with going aside hands. There are pictures of Turkic riders. Among petroglyphs is observed picture of yurt. There are also repeated pictures with personages, handing disks, connected between each other and formed some sign.
Some subjects are renovated, probably, in the Ancient Turkic time. Among them are figures of not mounted men with cudgels in their hands. Неге are also situated pictures with signs in а form of cross, circle, and wheel.
Petroglyphs of the fourth group Bayan-Zhurek are situated оп top of hill оп height 1720 m in its pre top part. Here are carved interesting cult subjects: erotic scene with participation of 3 men, chariot, and picture of masker with rays above his head and disks (or mirrors of round shaped form in hands).
There аге also scenes of hunting, and some оf them are renovated and added already in Ancient Turkic time. Оn  pre top part of hill are met figures of men with horses in rein. Horses, Lars, tails and marked clearly and there аге seen hobbles between оnе front and back legs.
In low part оn plate is carved the sign оf oval form. Тhe fifth group оf petroglyphs is situated lower the hill with petroglyphs of the fourth groups, in 700-800 m to the north-east from hill, оn not high crest, situated to the north оf the main ridge.
Peculiarity оf these pictures is the most rough dot carving of them. The main part of pictures is presented by figures of not mounted archers - hunters, scenes of hunting for goats and battles оf not mounted warriors.
The second place bу quantity оf pictures is occupied bу petroglyphs оf Ancient Turkic time. Among petroglyphs of the most ancient group are found several interesting subjects, including the scene of fight of two men and picture of hunting.
On the first plan is carved several figures of fighting men, and оnе men had in his hand bowl, obviously. On the side is shown archer, shooting а goat. On the right side are seen several pictures, and only in оnе of them is seen distinguished figure оf а man.
On the other plate is se4en, but not finished picture of chariot. There аге seen 2 wheels with 4 sprouts in each wheel. Lower under chariot is carved figure of а man. His right hand is risen up; his head seems very big in а form оf sphere with some branch above his head.
This is, probаblу, cult subject with sun headed personage. Оn comparatively big plate is pictured scene of hunting; there are 4 not mounted hunters, two of them are arches, and one оf them has axe in his hands, between them are seen animals: goats, horses and not clear figures.
То the left side оn top is carved the dog? One of petroglyphs picture are seen 2 men. Оn the first plan is а big figure with going down hands. On hands are seen fingers. Оп the left side is figure of а man in mushroom shaped head  dress.
His figure is only marked. Among pictures аге some pictures of men. There is small quantity of Sakae petroglyphs, but f big quantity of medieval pictures. They differ bу level of covering bу patina, bу techniques of carving pictures, bу subjects and styles.  
Mostly they are horse riders, scenes of hunting of hunting of not mounted and horse archers.

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The book “Bayan-Zhurek petroglyphs” K.M.Baipakov, A.N. Maryayshev. “Credos”, Almaty, 2008.

Alexander Petrov.