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Akhmet mausoleum – Kyzyltam.

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«Memory is the treasure house of the mind wherein the monuments thereof are kept and preserved»

Thomas Fuller.

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Akhmet mausoleum - Kyzyltam is in 7 kilometers to the southwest from the village of Tassuat on the right river bank Ishim. It is for the first time surveyed in 1955 by archaeological group of AAE under the leadership of K. A. Akishev (The archaeological card …, 1959, page 9), in 1980 - RSNRP expedition "The Kazakhstan restoration" under the leadership of Zh. Shaykenov.
In 2006 - department of NIPF RGP "Kazakhstan Restoration" (G. M. Kamalova). Turabayem and Rapayem is constructed by request of the merchant Ahmet Tankeev by builders. Walls are put from the burned rectangular brick and revetted from two parties with the burned brick.
The laying of a brick is brought down on four corners from the basis on height of 2 meters. Small destructions of a laying with the drawing of vertical cracks the aperture ladder on a roof on a southeast facade is observed on the well course.
Characterizes portal dome type of mausoleums with sizes in respect of 6,3 x 6,7 meters. The sphere and a conic dome on a cylindrical drum towers on height of 2,5 m. General height of the mausoleum of 7,15 meters.
The main facade from the southwest party is constructed in the form of the rectangular portal formed by continuation of the main wall. The arch aperture of an entrance is constructed from two parties by the narrow columns united in the top part by a crossing point.
The frame fringing on perimeter of front walls by decorative ranks of a square brick with a stamp of a diamond-shaped pattern and an inscription on Arab - Allah in alternation with calculation strips is the basis for decorative registration of facades.
The central field of facades fills in the diamond-shaped drawing of a laying with a brick of dark color with inserts of the brick decorated by an ornament. Inside transition to a dome is carried out through console sails and niches on height of walls.
In a southeast corner - the narrow arch aperture conducting on ladder rise on a roof. The gravestone and a brick covering of a floor are destroyed. Geographical coordinates N 51 ° 05 ′ 43,1 ″ E 66 ° 34 ′ 15,9 ″

The world Turkic congress the Center of genealogical researches at TURAN PRO Academy Scientific research institute of archeology of K. A. Akishev at ENU of L. Gumilev. www.tengrifund.ru