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Tour to mount Bektau ata.

Trip Holidays in Kazakhstan.

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving” 

Terry Pratchett.

Sights Bektau ata mountains.

From 70 km to the north of Balkhash you can find one of the most remarkable places of the North Balkhash Lakeside – Bektau-Ata mountain oasis. In fact Bektau-Ata is an un-erupted volcano, or Pluton, to use the geological term.
Dozens of dikes (cracks where volcanic lava hardened) penetrate mountainous ma'ssif. Many millennium of weathering has destroyed the granite and created a real work of art – Wonderful cliffs which people have given whimsical names such as “Mushroom”, “Trunk”, “Turtle”, “Three teeth (peak) mountain” and many others.
In deserts of Northern Pribalkhashie the most southern massifis Bektauta (up to 1213 m), which like granite island, towers over surrounding plain. In 60 kilometers to the south there is Balkhash Lake. When you get to these mountains you can see sudden change of landscape. 
Sad deserted spaces are replaced by emerald colours of motley grass and abundance of bushes growing along springs and small rivers. Here and there freakish granite rocks are spread, in some places it is possible to meet tangle of juniper. It is another world - picturesque oasis among Pribalkhashie deserts.
One of the natural attractions of the region is the mountain chain Bectauata – beautiful place of Northern Balkhash. The top of the peak Bektauata soars up to 1000 meters. In clear weather, the visibility of the picturesque landscape stretches for 100 km.
Mountain Range Bectauata is not as extended (4000 ha), but it is decorated with a variety of cliffs and canyons. In the tract Bekctauata grow hundreds of plants, of which 45 are rare, and 8 are in the Red Book. Mountainside Bekctauata formed cave "Auliye" with fresh water, which is considered holy, and the water is healing.
Bektau-Ata is an unusual natural monument located about 70 kilometers north of the town of Balkhash in Karaganda region. This is a meeting place of two different landscapes – granite mountain is surrounded by a flat steppe.
The mountain rises above the steppe more than a thousand meters. Pink granite rocks of Bektau-Ata consist of granite lava solidified on the surface and in the cracks of the earth.

Short description of route of tour from Almaty to Balkhash town:

Almaty - lake Balkhash - town of Balkhash - Bektau ata mountains - Almaty.

Distance route: 1414 km.
Season: May - September.
The best time for an tour: June - August.
Duration of the tour: 5 days, 4 nights.

The detailed program of tour by cars from Almaty to the cities of Balkhash and the mountain Bektau ata:

Nature and Adventures Kazakhstan Tours.

Day 1. Almaty -  mountain Bektau ata (735 km).
Transfer: Almaty – train station Shamalgan - lake Soorbulak - Kurty reservoir - settlement of Kanshengel - desert Taukum - settlement Aksuyek - lake Alakol - Lake Balkhash - settlement of Shyganak - settlement of Kashkanteniz - settlement of Saryshagan - settlement of Gulshat - city of Balkhash – mountains Bektau ata (735 km).
After the settlement Mezhdurechensk to lake Sorbulak, settlements will not be any more, and the following small settlement of Kanshengel will meet to us after the Kurty reservoir. We pass the desert Taukum which is to the right of the road.
In summer months from the settlements of Aydarly and Bozoy on the road bring melons and water-melons, these flavovirent mountains of a melon and water-melons will accompany us several tens of kilometers. In the vicinities of the settlement of Aksuyek there passes the administrative border of the Jambyl and Almaty regions. Through 360 kilometers after Almaty on the right side from the road we will see Lake Balkhash which will accompany us several days.
A lunch in way. We pass the settlements of Saryshagan and Gulshat. To the settlement of Priozersk of 9 kilometers, it to be to the right of the road on the bank of Lake Balkhash. We pass the city of Balkhash, from here to the mountains Bektau ata there are 69 kilometers. Arrival in Bektau ata valley, placement in tents, dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Hiking in th mountains Bektau ata.
Breakfast. Walks in the vicinities of the mountains Bektau ata, visit of the massif Sarykulzha (kaz. - mountain argali) 1082 meters above sea level, Konyrkulzha of 976 meters above sea level, Zhaltas 824 meters above sea level, Karashoky 893 meters above sea level. Return to the camp, dinner and overnight in the tents.
Day 3. Hiking in the mountains Bektau ata (30 km).
Breakfast. A trip on the reservoir located in east part of the mountains Bektau ata (15 km). Walks in the vicinities of a reservoir. From a reservoir the grandiose view of the mountain Bektau ata of 1214 meters above sea level opens. Return to the camp. Walks in the vicinities of the mountains Bektau ata. Lunch, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day. Mountain Bektau ata - city of Balkhash - Lake Balkhash (169 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: mountain Bektau ata - city of Balkhash (69 km). Arrival in the cities of Balkhash. Development of Pribalkhashya began the exploration works headed by the geological engineer M. P. Rusakov in 1928.
After prospecting work on the Kounrad field the expedition came to a conclusion that there are richest reserves of copper ore, on their base it is possible to build the copper-smelting plant. This event served the birth of the city of Balkhash. In February, 1937 the first Udarnik movie theater, in July - the first bus lines in the city opened. Visit of museum of local lore of the city, visit of a monument to the geologist M. P. Rusakov, visit of the central square of the city, visit of “Metallurg” recreation center, visit of a memorial monument Victory.
A lunch in cafe of the city. Transfer: city of Balkhash - settlement of Gulshat - settlement of Saryshagan - settlement of Kashkanteniz - coast of Lake Balkhash (195 km). Arrival on the coast of Lake Balkhash, walk in vicinities, rest, dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 5. Lake Balkhash - Almaty (480 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Almaty. A lunch in way. Arrival in Almaty, termination of a trip.

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