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Yarty-depe ancient settlement.

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Archaeological monument IX - began historical and architectural Turkmenistan monuments XIII c.c., it is in Abiverd area, in 3 kilometres more Southern than railway station of Dushak, Kaakh area, Akhal province.
It is hill of height 8 metres, originally semi-round outline. Sizes of his top area, from the south to the North there are 35 metres, from the East to the West there are 50 metres.
As a result of excavations conducted under the direction of archaeologist A. O. Babaev, one segment of radial-ring building consisting of compact files of multi-room dwellings is revealed.
Varied nonirrigation ceramics with to scratch geometrical ornament, utensils, glass, stone articles, subjects from bronze and iron, ornament is assembled.
Settlement died as a result of Mongols sudden attack in 1220.

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