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River Tentek in Kazakhstan.

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“When Nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it”

Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Discovering natural in Kazkahtsan. 

The river Tentek runs into lake Sasykkol, originates in mountains Dzungarian Ala-Tau and is characterized by a spring and years high water which depends on thawing glaciers. The mid-annual charge of water in Tentek 42,2 cube.
The km/s, from them for the winter is necessary 6,8 %, spring - 39,3 %, summer - 41,4 %, autumn - 12,5 %.
The rivers Ah, Karakol, Egensu, Tersakkan, originate in mountains Tarbagatai and run into lake Sasykkol in northern part, have a drain only during a spring high water (thawing of snows), only partially get in lake, are lost in extensive boggy lowlands.  
The waterway of the river Tentek, up to delta, in warm winters does not freeze, in severe winters abounds with ice-holes on which greater winter mergansers, wild duck both other water and marsh birds.
The delta of the river Tentek adjoins southern coast of lake Sasykkol and is formed by the deep river Tentek which in the lower reaches in natural boundary of the Loose branches on a number of inflows - a waterway, forming extensive delta in the size nearby 25 х 20 km.
Absolute height of a coastal zone of lake Sasykkol - 350 - 353 m, heights in delta - 354 - 363 meters above sea level. Water and marsh deltas represent complex system a waterway, lakes, reaches and boggy lowlands, is dense reeds and forming a beautiful landscape.
During the abounding in water period up to 1991 - 1992. Tentek it was divided into 7 waterway, with 1995 - 1996 the basic stream of water has gone on two waterway: Tuyksu and on waterways aside Baibaly and Karamoiyna. Now in delta of the river Tentek 5 lake systems were formed:
1) Baibala, Karamaiyn, Chagyrly, lakes Sviridovskoe (incorporates with Sasykkol),
2) System of lakes Kugumbai, Intumak, Safron, Small and Greater cormorant (Phalacrocorax) kurya, the Pelican kurya, Long kurya (incorporates to lake Skilled);
3) Miyaly system (Tastube, Miyaly), going with Tuyksu (natural boundary Chulak) up to lake Skilled;
4) Karatentek the system (Big Karatentek, Small Karatentek, lakes Kugovoe, Togyztubek), comes to an end in lake Round in a security zone;
5) System Tujuksu (Looses, Cholak-ozek, Onagash, Zhalykol, the Sedge, Tastube).

The Greatest value for nesting natatorial and birds in east part of delta the system of lakes between lake Onagash and Zhalykol, and in the western part - represents lakes Baibala and Karamoiyn.

Berezovikov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Cand.Biol.Sci.

Alexander Petrov.