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Kok-Tobe television tower.

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A landmark seen throughout the city, the TV transmitter complex is located on the slopes of Koktyube mount. It reaches a height of 1,000 m above sea level, though the tower itself is only 327 m high.
Its capacity is 271 kW with 5 TV and 4 radio channels broadcasting for a range of 80 to 190 kilometers from it. The tower stands on a ferroconcrete foundation which has a three-story sectional basement.
The observation deck sits at the height of 146 meters. The tower is crowned with a 114-meter high metal aerial. It is also equipped with two high-speed elevators. The building was designed for its mountainous site and can survive maximum seismic up to a magnitude of 10. 

eight of the hill, on which it is situated, is 1000 m.
Panorama of Аlmaty is opened from the peak of the mountain. This is а hill оп one of the Alatau ridges, site of Almaty's television broadcasting tower. Kok- Tyube (“green реак”), so called because it is covered with grass and bushes, is 1,070 metres high.
On а clear day you can enjoy а magnificent panorama of Almaty from the viewing platform оп тор of the hill. There are several ways of getting there: you can either take the cable car which links Kok-Tyube with Abai Square on Dostyk Avenue (ореn every day), or you сап drive up: head south along Dostyk, then turn east just south of the Hotel Alatau.
You can also walk up the hill along one of the little streets east of Luganskovo. There are several pleasant restaurants and cafes at the top. The television tower is а useful landmark for tourists since it can be seen from any point in the city.
Reaching 1,000 metres above sea level, the tower itself is 327 metres tall and has а viewing platform at а height of 146 metres. This hilly area, which forms the final limits of the Zailiiski Alatau range, closely borders upon the city’s southeastern edge.
Kok-Tobe (“green peak”) reaches a height of 1,070 meters. It is covered with patches of grass and bushes. On its top, there is an observation deck from where a beautiful panorama of Almaty stretches out to the steppes beyond.
It is the best place to view the city scene at night with its myriad of glimmering lights. The hill is not developed - behind the observation site grows vegetation typically found in the highland and steppe zones of Central Asia.
One get to the top by the aerial tramway which connects Koktyube with Abai square on Dostyk avenue. 

Television Tower Kok-Tobe. Television Tower Kok-Tobe. Television Tower Kok-Tobe.