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Hudoer Valami the mausoleum.

 Fact-finding excursions on Istaravshan.

The historucal-architectural complex known under name Hazrati-Shoh, is in an old part of the city of Istravshana and consists of three cult constructions:
 Mausoleum Hazrati-Shoh,
 Mausoleum Hudoer Valami,
 Mosques Hazrati-Shoh (also known and as mosque Namazgoh).
The architectural monument of mausoleum Hudoer Valami enters into ensemble of medieval monuments Hazrati-Shoh in the same quarter of city of Istaravshan Sogd of province. Mausoleum Hudoer Valami concerns to XVII - to XVIII centuries, has a portal tomb with the crosswise plan.
By the plan a tomb square with four arch niches. The dome fastens on four arches. The building of mausoleum Hudoer Valami is an one-portal tomb with the crosswise plan. The external shape of a construction is simple, deprived any scenery and architectural plastics on the facades not protected by plaster.
The construction from not burnt brick with plaster and ornaments is in a good condition. Here have been buried governor Ura-Tyube of last quarter of XVIII century - Khudoer Devon begim and the governor of Ura-Tyube of the first quarter of XIX century - Mukhammad Rakhimbai.
Mausoleum Hudoer has halls of the original form. Inside of it, borrowing almost all dome the space, the big ground crypt decorated from an input in the mausoleum by a groove. In opinion of architects, burial such anywhere is not present.
Mukhammad Rakhimbai operated Ura-Tyube with 1816 on 1828. Also adhered, basically, Bukhara orientation. However between it and Bukhara emir Nasrulla there were disagreements about possession Jizak.
It Kokand khan Muhammad Ali who has grasped Ura-Tyube also has used. Mukhammad Rakhimbai has disappeared in Shakhrizabs and, hoping on the former officials, in 1248 (1830 - 1831) With 18 daredevils has secretly got in Ura-Tyube.
The protege of Kokand Shah has learned about it, has grasped and has killed Mukhammad Rakhimbai. In it tomb they have been buried in one tomb. In 1940 in territory tomb opening a tomb has been made.
From a tomb two embalmed corpses who concern to descendants Temurids have been taken. There there were 9 more corpses. However inside now nothing was saved. Probably, local residents, having found out the opened tomb, have taken the remained bodies and have buried them in other place.

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