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Firdousi monument.

Rest in Dushanbe.

Monument Abulkasima Firdousi is in a southern part of city Dushanbe, in territory of park of Friendship of People at market Sahovat. The monument is located in the beginning of the central avenue of park and leaves a face sheet to street Abulkasima Firdousi.
The monument has been established in 1992 and represents the monumental sculpture of the poet executed from bronze. The statue towers on a pedestal reveted by granite plates. Abulkasima Firdousi in the Islamic countries it is esteemed as the national poet.
Its most known product is the poem «Shahname», devoted to sultan Mahmudu Gaznevidskomu at whom the poet long time was on service. 

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.