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Monument Abulkasim Lakhuti.

Poets of Tajikistan.

Monument Abulkasim Lakhuti is established near the Tadjik Academic drama theatre of name Abulkasim Lakhuti (prospectus Rudakhi, 86). The monument to known Tadjik Soviet writer Abulkasim Lakhuti. Abulkasim Lakhutiи was the politician.
Was born on December, 4th 1887 in Kirmanshakh (Iran) in family of the shoemaker. With 1904 receives in Masonic lodge Kirmanshaha "Odamiyat". It is directed studies to Teheran. The participant antimonarchic revolt in Ghilyan Resht of province.
It is awarded award Sattarkhan was one heads of national-liberation movement of Iran. After defeat of the Iranian revolution 1905 - 1911. It is sentenced to a death penalty. Has emigrated to Bagdad.
In December, 1917 when with the beginning of a conclusion of Russian armies the Soviet government and English occupation of Iran, has emigrated to Istanbul. Then in Iran has headed the second Tavriz the revolt known also under the name "Revolt of Lakhuti-khan" - final national-democratic movement in Iran in 1920 arisen and developed under influence of the Great October Socialist revolution.
After suppression of revolt with group in 150 person has passed to the Soviet territory. Veins in Nakhichevan, Tbilisi and Baku. From the beginning 1923 in Moscow. The employee of publishing house of people of the USSR.
In the middle of 1925 goes for work in Tadjik ASSR. The bureau Tadjik parties, the assistant to the National commissioner of education worked as the head of department of propaganda and propagation Organize.
In 1929 a member of the Central Executive Committee of Tajikistan. With 1931 correspondent of the newspaper "Truth". One of organizers of the First congress of writers of republic, honourable chairman of the Union of Writers of Tajikistan.
In 1945 the author of the poem which have become by the text of the Hymn Tadjik ССР. Has died on March, 16th 1957 in Moscow.

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