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Mausoleum of Alasha-Khan.

Ancient monuments of Central Kazakhstan.

"When Alash became Alash, when Alash became khan, when our house was the wooden yurt, when it became the name Alash became our motto, then we began to be Kazakhs, children of three zhuzes..."

Historian Zh. O. Artykbaev. 

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The mausoleum of Alash Khan is located in the ancient cemetery of Alashakan, 1.3 kilometers south of the right bank of the Kara-Kengir River in the Ulytau district of the Ulytau region, 3 kilometers south and slightly west of the village of Malshybai, and 69.7 kilometers south-east of settlement Ulytau.
The mausoleum created from square of a brick, has portal dome structure. External a brick simulates a carpet with patterns alai. On national legend, Alasha-khan was the fair governor, brave and the courageous leader of the Kazakh tribes.
Alasha-Khan’s Mausoleum holds a special place among the monuments of Central Kazakhstan and Central Asia, above all, it stands out for its unique architectural and artistic qualities. The mausoleum is considered to be the monument of the XII century.
It is located in within 2 km to the south-west of the village Malshybay on the right bank of the river Karakengir. The mausoleum was built in the XII century as the tomb of the legendary Alasha Khan, whose name is associated with the emergence of three Kazakh zhuzes. 
The term "Alash" dates back to antiquity, when tribes and clans hadn’t been differentiated yet and had had joint cattle. Thisword is indigenously Turkic. There is a version that Alasha Khan is the son of the famous rulersof Central Asia (Abdollah Khan.
A well-known historian Zh.O. Artykbaev compares thenumerous legends about Alasha Khan in his book "Materials for the history of the ruling house of the Kazakhs" and finds the version of M. Zh. Kupeev more complete: "Before Alasha Khan’s time the Kazakhs were not united people and state, and the other nations did not recognize them as such. Having chosen the piebald boy as a ruler, they pronounced his name in wars as motto - a battle cry. 
They had an agreement to rush at the enemy with this motto, and those who hadn’t pronounced this name, even if he was one’s own father, were killed as a bitterenemy. The following words remained since that remote time: "When Alash became Alash, when Alash became khan, when our house was the wooden yurt, when it became the name Alash became our motto, then we began to be Kazakhs, children of three zhuzes...".
Alasha Khan Mausoleum is truly amazing and magnificent structure created by unknown medieval masters. The entire building is constructed from special fired brick, ancient builders used wood for decoration of window openings and doors. 
In architectural terms, the mausoleum of Alasha Khan has rectangular shape of the size of 9,73 × 11,9 m, and 10 m high. A double door is placed at the center of the main facade, deep double arch niche framed by profound two-tone stripe and decorated with shaped bricks is right behind this door. 
Hexagonal columns are installed on both sides of the facade, each column based on three hemisphere, two of which are whole, while the third serves as a basis for the column. The main door with a height more than 2 m and 1.2 m width leads to the mausoleum. 
The walls of the mausoleum is fortified with eight dams; the dome rests on a 16-sided drum, around which a circular gallery is located. Thanks to strict proportions and unusual elements of the composition, as well as a successful combination of architectural techniques and restrained decor, the building looks very solid and monumental. This effect is even more enhanced by the favorable location of the mausoleum in the open, elevated place. 
According to its architectural specification, this monument is unique because such a style is extremely rare in the architecture of Central Asia. In 1982, the mausoleum of the Alasha Khan was included in the list of monuments of history and culture of the Kazakh SSR of national significance and put under state protection.
Geographic coordinates of mausoleum of Alash Khan: N48 ° 22'02.71 "E67 ° 50'34.90"

Mausoleum of Alasha Khan. XI - XII century.Mausoleum of Alash Khan. 1970Mausoleum of Alash Khan. XVI century. Main facade. Photo by G.G. Gerasimov. 1946Mausoleum of Alash Khan. XI - XII century.Fragments of bricks with tamgas, discovered during the reconstruction of the mausoleum of Alash Khan. Photo by G.G. Gersimov. 1946Mausoleum of Alasha Khan. XI - XII century.

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 Photos by
 Alexander Petrov.