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Главная » Tulips tours of Kazakhstan. The kingdom of tulips in South Kazakhstan.

Tour to tulips in Kazakhstan.

Tours behind tulips in mountains Kazakhstan Tien-Shan.

«In the morning of the person of tulips are covered by dew,
And violets, having become wet, not glitter beauty.
To me on heart still dismissed rose,
Hardly noticeably hem raised»

Omar Khaiyam. Rubai. Translation Pliseskii.

Photos of tulips in Kazakhstan.

We hope, that our nature will present you in spring the best and bright impressions and you can see rare, fine and remarkable tulips in mountains and valleys of Southern Kazakhstan. King of the Kazakhstan tulips - unique tulip Greigi which is presented by unforgettable paints from orange, yellow and red colors. 
It is unique beautiful tulips (Tulipa Kaufmanniana) decorate Celestial mountains. Supplement the general picture of spring colors multi-coloured Tulipa Ostrowskiana and Tulipa Kolpakowskiana which the aroma freshen pure and transparent air of mountains Tien-Shan.
Rare and unusual tulips are included in twenty versions of tulips of Kazakhstan, - red Tulipa Albertii, yellow and orange Tulipa Lehmanniana, these are really rare and unsurpassed tulips on beauty Tulipa Iliensis, Tulipa buhseana, Tulipa alberti, Tulipa Tetraphylla and fine Bicoloured Tulipa Zinaidae. 
These small part of colors of Southern Kazakhstan by which mountains Tien-Shan are covered. Fritillary - similar on Korolkovia severzovii and Rhinopetalum stenantherum, with unusual colors. Among a snow which will lay on slopes of mountains, you will see - white flowers similar to stars Saffron Alatavicus, and versions of the Iris - multi-colour Iridodictyum Kolpakovskianum. 
If success, in reserve Aksu-Zhabagly we will smile to us can see (Capra sibirica) Asiatic ibex (local name - Arkhar) and it is quite probable, that we meet a brown bear which eat the most juicy vegetation on slopes of mountains at this time. At transfers on reserve we observe thousand flights of crane - Demoiselle.

The information on tulips tour in Kazakhstan "Tour to tulips of Kazakhstan":

That we seespring bulbous plants and other spring flowers, local mammals, birds and wild mountains Tien-Shan. 
Our guides. Your guidess on tour will present one of the best guides of Kazakhstan. 
Walking easy walks on vicinities of reserve, mountains to Karatau and Northern Tien-Shan on 3 - 4 kilometers every day. Duration of transfers by machines look in the program.
Accommodationthe guest house «Zhenya and Luyda» in reserve Aksu-Zhabagly “Kazzhol” hotel in Almaty. In settlement to Merke you will settle down one night in hotel "Ak-Niet".
Group size is minimal - 2, a maximum - 15. 
Climated uring your round weather in Southern Kazakhstan very changeable, the cold and a snow in mountains is possible. But as a rule at this time warm, solar and not hot weather! 
How to Book It is necessary for you to contact us for reception of the full information.

Places of tulips and other spring flowers on tulips tour in Kazakhstan: 

Vicinities Kapchagai reservoirTulipa alberti Regel, Gagea filiformis (Ledeb), Iris tenuifolia Pall, Tulipa bohseana Biss, 
Vicinities the Aksu-Dzhabagly Nature Reserve – Aksu canyon, Kshi-Kaindy, Ulken-Kaindy, gorges. The Karatau Mountains , Red Hills, Steppe Lakes , Berkara valley, Koksay canyon, – Tulipa Greigii. Ulken-Kaindy gorge, Kishi-Kaindy gorge, Kaskabulak  tract (petrogliphs) to spurs of Karzhantau and Sary-Aidyr. Transfer by bus to Aksu canyon. The Aksu-Dzhabagly’s  flora numbers more than 1300 species of higher plants.
The are presented unique juniper forests (Juniperus seravschanica, J. Semiglobosa, J. Turkestanica), tugais with willows and birches (including an endemic Betula Talassica) in the reserve. You will  observe a blooming of various species of Allium, including such rare ones as Allium pskemense and A. Karataviense.
You will see Ungernia sewerzowii, Ixiolirion tataricum (amaryllidaceae); more than 10 species Of Astragalus (endemic species of the Western Tien-Shan – A. Ugamicus, A. Aschuturi and A. Abolinii); 5 species of Ferula; flowering Tulipa Kaufmanniana and T. Dasystemonoides; Tulipa Gregii, Tulipa turkestanica,  endemic species of  the Western Tien- Shan such as Scutellaria lulata, Oxytropis talassicus, Stephanocaryum olgae. Sergia sewerzowii, Trachelanthus korolkovii, endemic species of Karatau – Olgaea pectinata and Trichanthemis radiata; blooming of very decorative Morina kokanica.
At spurs of Karzhantau and Saryaidyr we will watch Original “weeping” form of Juniperus semiglobosa and rare relic Enonymus koopmannii. Mountain xerophytes make up distinctive formations – phryganas – with a dominance of thorn cushion plants (Onobrychis echidna, Acantholimon  alberti).
You will acquaint with endemic species of the Western Tien Shan Cynoglossum capusii, with rare for Kazakhstan species of Berberis  integerrima and Aconitum talassicum, with flowering Iris sogdiana and I.korolkovii. Colchicum luteum, Gagea jaschei and G. Dshungarica are met near snow patches. Higher in the alpine belt. You will observe Valeriana fedtschenkoi, Potentilla hololeuca, Oxytropis caespitosula and O. Immersa.  
Vicinities the Kuyk Pass Eremurus   hilariae, Allium karataviense Regel, Tragopogon ruber S.G.Gmet, Glaucium elegans Fish. et C.A. Mey. 
Vicinities the Merke gorgeТulipa Zanaidae, Tulipa Ostrovskiana Regel, Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel, Tulipa binitans Vved. 
Vicinities the Kordai Pass, Mouyn-Kum Desert - Tulipa Ostrovskiana Regel, Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel, Leontice Ewersmanii.
Vicinities Syugaty gorge, Ketmen mountains, Kegen Pass Tulipa tetraphylla Regel, Juno kuschakewiczii (B.Fedtsch.) Poljak, Tulipa buhseana, Adonis chzrysocyathus Hook et Thoms (Ramunculaceaae), Corydalis schangini (Pall) B.Fedtsch. Typical elements of a stone desert such as small cushions of a tusbiyurgum or Naophyton erinaceum; thorn low bushes of Convolvulus fruticosus and C. Tragacanthoides; various kinds of Stipa, Caragana,  Artemisva and Anabasis; and endemic Limonium Michelsonii.
Vicinities Kaskelen gorge - Tulipa Ostrovskiana Regel, Tulipa dasystemon Regel, Crocus alatavicus Regel et Semen, Euphorbia yaroslavii P. Pol (Eurhorbiaceae).  
In vicinities of canyon Mashat - tulip Kaufman (Tulip Kaufmanovskii) (Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel), tulip Greiga (Tulipa greigii Regel), katran Kochi (Katran Seversev) (Crambe kotschyana Boiss), almonds thorny (Amygdalus spinosissima Bunge), an onions karatavskii (Allium karataviense Regel), tulip Lemers (Tulipa lemmersii), lozhnodvuzvetkovyi tulip.
In vicinities natural boundaries Berkara - tulip Kaufman (Tulip Kaufmanovckii) (Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel), tulip Greiga (Tulipa greigii Regel).

The short description of the tour route on tulips tour in Sothern Kazakhstan:

Almaty - pass Korday - settlement Merke - gorge Merke - ruins palace Akyrtas - town Taraz - settlement Asa - settlement Kumtiyn - barchan Kumburul - settlement Akkol - lake Akkol - town Taraz - settlement Aisha-Bibi - gorge Berkara - town Taraz - mausoleums Aisha-Bibi and Babadzhi-Khatun - pass Kuyuk - Ters-Achibulak reservoir - settlement Surum - settlement Kyzylaryk - settlement Andreevka - canyon Koksai - reserve Aksu-Zhabagly - settlement Zhabagly - canyon Aksu - gorge Kishi-Kaindy - valley Taldybulak - Red hill - station Tyulkubas - Almaty - gorge Kaskelen - settlement Chilik - settlement Baiseit - settlement Kokpek - Syugaty valley - settlement Aksai - pass Kegen - settlement Chundzha - settlement Tashkarasu - settlement Koktal - town Zharkent - mountains East Актау - settlement Konyrolen - pass Altyn-Emel - settlement Saryozek - Kapshagai reservoir - townf Kapshagai - Almaty.

Distance of the route: 2102 km.
Season: from April, 1st till 30th.
The best time for an excursion: April.
Duration: 13 days and 12 nights.

Detailed the program day by day of the tour Tulips of Kazakhstan:

Wildflowers - Tourism in Kazakhstan.

1 Day. On April, 14th. Almaty - valley Tamgaly-Tas (115 km).
Arrival in Almaty, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation, rest. Breakfast. Transfer: Almaty - town Kapshagaj - Kapshagai water basin (85 km). Behind post of traffic police in vicinities Kapshagai hydroelectric power station walk behind Albert's tulips (Tulipa alberti Regel).
At once behind the bridge through Kapshagai water basin walk behind tulips Bema (Tulipa behmiana Regel). Transfer on height in vicinities of zone of rest, walk behind and other plants of plain Iliiskii - onions Iliiiskii, Eremopyrom bounapartis, Eremopyrom orientale, Eremopyrom triticum, Chordeum spontaneum. Lunch lunch boxes.
Transfer to valley Tamgaly-Tas (19 km). From line Kapshagai - Bakanas we turn off on the left and soon we go down in wide valley of the river Ili, from descent the blue tape of the river is well visible Ili. Arrival in natural boundary Tamgaly-Tas. Excursion and walk in vicinities of natural boundary Tamgaly-Tas.
Survey and photographing of rock drawings of the Buddha. Rise on panoramic platform dominating over vicinities, from here opens fine panorama of northern part of the river Ili, admiration of the opened beauty. Returning to the river. Transfer: valley Tamgaly-Tas - Kapshagai hydroelectric power station – town Kapshagai - Almaty (115 km). Arrival in Almaty, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner and overnight.
2 Day. On April, 15th. Almaty - settlement Merke (357 km). 
Breakfast. Almaty - settlement Samsy - settlement Targap - pass Kordai (165 km). Our way from Almaty lays on the West on line of Almaty - Tashkent, we pass small settlements Samsy and Targap, after turn on settlement of Flocks the road rises on pass Kordai. On way along road there can be tulips Kolpakovskii (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel).
Stop on pass Kordai. Walk behind Ostrovsky's tulips, photographing (Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel), passing plants. You can watch here the following species of plants: Bushes of Ephedra equisetina and Tamarix ramosissima, various kinds of Allium and Astragalus, flowering herbs of Inula macrophylla and Glycirrhiza uralensis.  Kolpakovsli’s Tulip and many of hybrid forms: T. Kolpakovskiana, T. Ostrovskiana. You will see the small flowering Tulipa bifloriformis, a population of T. Alberti, an original ephemeroid from the family of Berberidaceae – Leontice ewersmanii with huge spheric tubers, thickets of Ephedra equisetina and Rheum maximoviczii, blooming representatives of Geraniaceae family – Biebersteinia multifida and Geranium transversale. 
Lunch in way. Transfer: pass Kordai - settlement Kordai - settlement Merke (192 km). Arrival in settlement to Merke, transfer to hotel accommodation in hotel "Ak-Niet". Dinner in hotel, rest, overnight.
3 Day. On April, 16th. Settlement Merke - town Taraz (223 km).
Breakfast. Transfer in gorge to the Merke (16 km). Walk in vicinities of seismological station to tulip Zenaidae (Tulipa Zenaidae), here at station on slope it is possible to see tulips Greiga (Tulipa Greigii) and on return trip to the bridge it is possible to meet Ostrovsky's tulip (Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel).
On departure gorge to the Merke to the left of road we can meet tulip Kolpakovskii (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel). You can watch wonderful species of plants: Eremurus tianschanicus and Delphinium ilinse flowering and this time, colourful Rheum maximoviczii and Leontice ewersmanii, groves of relic Abelia corymbosa (Caprifoliaceae) and Celtis caucasica.
Colour variations of Zinaida’s Tulip, the first blooming individuals of Greig’s Tulip small flowering Tulipa binutans and Tulipa koolpakovskiana. One more rare for Kazakstan species: Paeonia hybrida – growing on the turfed slopes covered with the scrubs of Lonicera, Rosa and Cotoneaster. 
Transfer: gorge Merke - settlement Merke - palace Akrtas (144 km). Walk in vicinities of site of ancient settlement Akyrtas, here on hill ortkul among excavation of an ancient site of ancient settlement we see tulips Greiga (Tulipa Greigii) and near to palace Akyrtas tulips Kolpakovskii (Tulipa Kolpokovskiana regel) photographing tulips. Walk on site of ancient settlement Tortkul and palace complex Akyrtas.
Transfer: palace Akyrtas - town Taraz (47 km). Arrival in town of Taraz, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Rest, dinner and overnight in hotel.
4 Day. On April, 17th. Town Taraz - lake Akkol (108 km).
Breakfast in hotel. Transfer: town Taraz - settlement Asa - settlement Kumtiyn - barchan Kumburul - (36 km). Our way from Taraz conducts on northeast. Beyond Taraz we pass an industrial zone of city with Zhambyl phosphatic factory and our way lays to settlement Asa to an administrative centre of area Zhambyl.
Having passed settlement Asa behind settlement Kumtiyn we turn off from the basic line on road the leader to settlement Zhuma and lake Bilikol. Soon from road high barchan Kumburul, to the left of road is visible, it and is our place of excursion where we search for tulip Leman.
On barchan the old asphalt road which hangs above sand-pit conducts. Behind barchan from the western party river Asa going to lake Bilikol proceeds. Walks in vicinities of barchan Kumburul, searches of tulip Leman.
Transfer: Barchan Kumburul - settlement Karakemer - settlement Akkol - lake Akkol (72 km). Further our transfer to Akkol Albert's to tulip (Tulipa alberti Regel). We pass small villages Karakemer and Akkol located close our road. We rise by the machine on plain to steep coast of lake Akkol with which the beautiful panorama lake Akkol opens.
In northwest saline soils of dried up lake Achykol. Lunch at lake Akkol are visible. Here on an edge of breakage and steppe plain walk behind Albert's tulips, photographing. The termination of walk. Transfer: lake Akkol - town Taraz (108 km). Arrival in Taraz, accommodation in hotel, dinner and overnight.
5 Day. On April, 18th. Town Taraz - gorge Berkara (59 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: town Taraz - settlement Aisha-Bibi - gorge Berkara (59 km). Today our way lays in the well-known gorge Berkara in which the most interesting color shades of tulip Greiga are concentrated). Arrival in natural boundary Berkara. The hiking on footpath on the right party of gorge to tulips Greigi (Tulipa Greigii) and Kaufman (Tulipa kaufmanniana).
Lunch - lunch boxes. Continuation of walk-excursion on gorge Berkara. Returning to Taraz, arrival in Taraz, transfer to hotel, accommodation, dinner and overnight.
6 day. On April, 19th. Town Taraz - canyon Koksai (201 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: town Taraz - settlement Aisha-Bibi – mausoleums Aisha-Bibi and Babadzhi-Khatun (18 km). After breakfast in hotel our way from town lays on the West, in the settlement Aisha-Bibi, we turn former name Golovachevka on the left to mausoleums Aisha-Bibi and Babadzhi-Khatun. Walk and excursion to the mausoleums, photographing.
Transfer: mausoleums Aisha-Bibi and Babadzhi-Khatun - pass Kuyuk (23 km). The picturesque pass Kuyuk, in the beginning road soon begins lasts on gorge along the river Kuyuk and gradually from gorge the road rises on plateau.
A stop on pass Kuyuk, walk in vicinities, here we see rinopetaym Stenantera, Ynona orchioides (Juno orchioides), here grows hybrid Ynona blue and arkhid. Further stopping on Kuyuk pass 1190 meters above sea level situated at Karatau Syrdarinsky, where we also can watch rare species of plants, flowers and shrubs Spiraeanthus schrenkianus and endemic species of Karatau – Allium kujukense. Populatin of Greig’s Tulip. 
Transfer: Pass Kuyuk - Ters-Achibulakskoe water basin - settlement Surum - settlement Andreevka - canyon Koksai (67 km). Walk and excursion in canyon Koksai. Lunch - lunch-boxes.
Transfer: canyon Koksai - settlement Surum - settlement Shakpak-Ata settlement Zhabagly (93 km). Arrival in settlement Zhabagly, trabsfer to the guest house, accommodation, a dinner and overnight.
7 Day. On April, 20th. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Trip to canyon Aksu (46 km). 
Breakfast. The first excursion in reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Transfer: settlement Zhabagly - settlement Eltai - settlement Iirsu - canyon Aksu (1620 meters above sea level around hunter cordon) (25 km). Descent in canyon to the river Aksu borrows 30 - 40 minutes.
Walk in vicinities of canyon, here we observe flora of canyon Aksu. Lunch in canyon. Rise from canyon borrows from 1 up to 1, 5 hours. Canyon of the river Aksu beautiful and picturesque corner of the nature of reserve. Returning in settlement Zhabagly. Dinner in the guest house and overnight in the guest house.
8 Day. On April, 21st. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly. Walk on horses in gorge Kishi-Kaindy (24 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer to the beginning of walk on horses in vicinities hotel «Asel» (5 km). Horse riding walk: hotel "Asel" - field base small house botanist Kishi-Kaindy 1800 meters above sea level (7 km). Lunch – lunch boxes. Botanical walk in vicinities of small house botanist, walk to falls on the river Kishi-Kaindy. Returning to horses to hotel "Asel". Transfer to settlement Zhabagly. Dinner, overnight in the guest house.
 9 Day. On April, 22nd. Reserve Aksu-Zhabagly - canyon Mashat (136 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Zhabagly - settlement Turar Ryskulov (Vannovka) - settlement Kershetas - canyon Mashat (65 km). Arrival in canyon Mashat, walks on vicinities of canyon, here we see tulip Kaufman (Tulip Kaufmanovskii) (Tulipa kaufmanniana Regel), tulip Greigii (Tulipa greigii Regel), katran Kochi (Katran Seversev) (Crambe kotschyana Boiss), almonds thorny (Amygdalus spinosissima Bunge), an onions karatavskii (Allium karataviense Regel).
Transfer on plateau above canyon Mashat (3 km). Lunch. Walks above canyon Mashat, here we meet tulip endemic which meets only in canyon Mashat - tulip Lemers (Tulipa lemmersii), lozhnodvuhsvetkovyi tulip, tulip Greigii (Tulipa greigii Regel). From edge of breakage opens beautiful kinds on canyon Mashat and mountains Talassky Alatau. The continuation of excursion.
Returning in settlement Zhabagly (68 km). Lunch. The continuation of the program in reserve Akmu-Zhabagly. Transfer: settlement Zhabagly - railway station Tyulkubas (18 km). Departure by train to Almaty, overnight in train.
10 day. On April, 23rd. Mountains Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau. Almaty - gorge Kaskelen, mountains Zailiiskiy Ala-Tau (86 km).
Breakfast. After breakfast transfer: Almaty - settlement Top Kamenka - settlement Kyrgauldy - gorge Kaskelen - the top summer house (39 km). Here we make walk on southern slope of gorge on which among bushes meadow-sweet Ostrovsky's tulips (Tulipa ostrowskiana Regel) grow.
Transfer: the top summer house - gorge Kaskelen (2 km). After the top summer house we return on the basi road, drive about one kilometer and on hillock on the left party of gorge, among bushes of dog-rose and meadow-sweet we see glade of tulips of Ostrovsky.
Walk to tulips. The further transfer to farm of marals which is on the left party of gorge (8 km). Behind wooden fence on southern slope marals, here nearby in a shadow of a coniferous wood glade of Crocus alatavicus Regel Semenov Tien-Shan, V. P. are grazed. Walk in vicinities of gorge.
The further transfer on the Top plateau (2 km). Here on edge of breakage of plateau we meet Tulipa dasystemon (Regel). Walk in vicinities of gorge. Picnic in gorge. Returning in Almaty. Dinner and overnight in hotel.
11 Day. On April, 24th. Almaty - pass Kegen of 1848 meters above sea level (385 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Almaty - settlement Chilik - settlement Baiseit – Syugaty valley (169 km). Walks in vicinities Syugaty of valley. Here we meet tulip Buze (Tulipa bohseana Biss). Transfer: Syugaty valley -river Charyn - settlement Aksu - pass Kegen (63 km.).
Walks in vicinities of mountains Ketmen on pass Kegen. Lunch in way. In vicinities of pass Kegen we meet tulip four-leafs (Tulipa tetraphylla Regel), an iris ferruterous (Iris scariosa), on most is high place of pass Kegen we meet the adonis (adonis) (Adonis chzrysocyathus Hook et Thoms) (Ramunculaceaae), an iris Lokchi or an iris Tien-Shan (Iris Loczii).
Walks and photosession in vicinities of pass Kegen. Transfer: pass Kegen - settlement Chundzha - settlement Tashkarasu - settlement Koktal - settlement Zharkent (153 km). Arrival in Zharkent, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Dinner in local cafe, overnight.
12 Day. On April, 25th. Zharkent - Almaty (370 km).
Breakfast. In the morning after breakfast visiting Zharkent of mosque, excursion in an ethnographic museum at Zharkent mosque. Transfer: Zharkent - settlement Konyrolen - mountains East Актау (43 km). From the left party from road there is multi-coloured clay of mountains East Aktau, here stop and walk on vicinities, here we see tulip two-floral (Tulipa biflora Pall), rhubard low (Rheum nanum Siev). To the east from mountains East Aktau were stretched multi-coloured clay of mountains Tigrovyh.
The further transfer: mountains East Aktau - pass the Altyn-Emel (90 km). Stop in vicinities of pass Altyn-Emel, walk on slopes of small gorge. Here we meet the Tulip short stamens (Tulipa brachystemon Regel), an iris ferruterous.
The further transfer: Pass Altyn-Emel - settlement Saryozek (62 km). Lunch in cafe it is not far from a post of traffic police. Transfer: settlement Saryozek - settlement Shengeldy - Kapshagai water basin - town Kapshagai - Almaty (175 km). Arrival in Almaty, transfer to hotel, accommodation in hotel. Farewell supper at local restaurant. Overnight.
13 day. On April, 26th. Departure from Almaty.
Accompanying service at departure from Almaty.
Tulipa berkariensis.Tulipa Greigii.Tulipa Lemmersii.Tulipa Оstrowskiana.Tulipa Borszczowii.Tulipa Greigii.Tulipa Lemmersii.Tulipa Greigii.Tulipa Оstrowskiana.

Author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author  petrovsra@mail.ru

Alexander Petrov
photos by.