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Главная » Ustyurt Nature Reserve tours. A trip to the Karynzharyk depression.

Tour to hollow Karynzharyk.

Tour from Karynzharyk to Boszhyra valley.

“The life during travel is a dream»

 Christie's Agate.

Short description of tour route to Karynzharyk:

Aktau – depression Karagie – Zhanaozen town – depression Karynzharyk - Zhanaozen town – Aktau.

Distance of route: 688 km.
Season: from April till Oktober, 15th.
Best time for travel: April, May, June, September.
Duration tour: 2 days, 1 nights.

Detailed program day by day to village Akkuduk and valley Onere:

Escorted walking Tours Kazakhstan.

Day 1. Aktau - hollow Karynzharyk - (344 km).
Transfer: Aktau - Karagiye hollow (30 km).
After Aktau, throughout 31 kilometers the asphalt road crosses the deepest hollow in Kazakhstan - depression of Kazakhstan - Karagie which is 132 meters lower than the level of the Baltic Sea. The lowest place where there passes the highway - 119 meters. A stop for photography, walk in vicinities.
Transfer: Karagiye hollow - town Zhanaozen - settlement Senek - Tuyesu sands (170 km).
After the settlement of Kyzylsu a stop at a monument to stone spherical concretion, photography. Further transfer to the settlement of Senek. Behind the settlement of Senek a stop at Tuyesu sands, walk in vicinities, photography.
Further transfer: Tuyesu sands - settlement Akkuduk (80 km).
After the settlement of Senek we will go along a bench of Kulandy which is from us from West side. Arrival in the settlement of Akkuduk. The settlement of Akkuduk is on the western edge of sands Karynzharyk which are located from the North on the South on 60 kilometers.
Further transfer: settlement Akkuduk - Unere cordon (45 km).
After the settlement of Akkuduk we transfer along the western edge of sands Karynzharyk the South to the southernmost tip of a hollow Karynzharyk.
Further transfer: Unere cordon - depression Karynzharyk (19 km).
After Unere cordon we pass the southernmost tip of saline land Kenderlisor and we will stop on the parking from East side of a hollow Karynzharyk on the edge of the Western chink of Ustyurt in Ustyrt reserve. 
From here the magnificent panorama on a saline march Karynzharyk with five lost mountain opens. Walk in vicinities, dinner and overnight in tents.
Day 2. Hollow Karynzharyk - town Aktau (344 km).
Breakfast. Returning in Aktau. Lunch on the way.

Distances on route «Tour to hollow Karynzharyk":

Town Aktau - Zhanaozen - 150 km
Zhanaozen - settlement Senek - 60 km
Settlement Senek - mount Bokty - 50 km
Mount Bokty - cretaceous colonnade Baisary - 25 km
Cretaceous colonnade Baisary - settlement Akkudyk - 45 km
Settlement Akkudyk - spring Onere - 40 km
Depression Karynzharyk - town Aktau - 260 km

Notes for "Tour to hollow Karynzharyk":

1. Transfers on jeeps Toyota, Nissan Patrol. Motor vehicles UAZ, it is used for transportation of luggage, equipment and cargoes. The route concerns to category extreme (high heat, a cretaceous dust) with residing at field conditions of desert.
2. Quantity the person in group - no more than 12 person.
3. Two days of transfers and everyone will be in waterless places, water of 5 litres in day on the person in day in view of sanitary use.
4. Toilets on the nature.
5. Personal equipment for the tourist - sleeping bag, karemat (sleeping rug), small lamp. Recommended clothes and footwear: running shoes, with a rigid sole, mountain boots, cap or Panama, sunglasses.
6. Accommodation in tents - on 2 persons.
7. In springs water is used for preparation of meals and technical needs.

Author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction - only from the sanction.

Alexander Petrov
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