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Lake Almedin North.

Tour in gorges of Kyrgyzstan.

"The ever-flowing water will cut a path in the rock."

Silovan Ramishvil.

​Walk to lakes in Alamedin gorge.

Lake Alamedin North is located at an altitude of 3131 meters above sea level, located on the right, western slope of the Alamedin gorge, on the northern slope of the Kyrgyz Ala-Too ridge in the Alamudun district of the Chui region.
Only 180 meters separates the river Ashutor South Lake from the North. In 2.9 kilometers after the headwaters Ashutor flows into Lake Almedin Severnoye. The length of the lake from south-east to north-west is 274 meters, width in the central part is 127 meters.
The perimeter of the lake is 628 meters, the area reaches 17967 square meters. Due to fluctuations in water level, the length of the lake can increase by 20 meters, as indicated by the levels of the water's edge remaining on the coastal stones.
The lake is located on the edge of the western moraine flowing down from the western slope of the Ashutor gorge. The eastern and northeastern slopes and shores of the lake are scree, the southeastern shore is framed by stone piles, talus flows down to the western shore from the opposite slope.
Grass and alpine flowers grow on the eastern slope of the talus lake on the western shore of the lake. To the east of the lake, behind the crest of the meridional spur, there are glaciers No. 331 and Grotovy, which are the sources of the Issyk-Ata river.
At sunset the lake is a favorite spot for photographers. The lake is striking in its turquoise hue, in the waters of which the surrounding peaks are reflected. 
Geographic coordinates of Lake North Alamedin: N42 ° 26'52.93 "E74 ° 41'54.12"

Authority and photos by
Alexander Petrov.