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Zoo of Dushanbe.

Cultural places of interest of Dushanbe.

One of numerous places of interest of Dushanbe is the fine zoo based in 1960. He is located in a picturesque place, at coast of the river Luсhob, among dense vegetation. The zoo in Dushanbe was one of the best in Soviet Union, for 1974 here was totaled about 1059 animals.
Rather soft local climate has allowed to shelter set of exotic tropical representatives of fauna. In 1991 the zoo has come to be on the verge of closing because of the termination of state financing, an institution it is necessary to function only owing to the responsibility and enthusiasm of workers.
Now in a zoo of Dushanbe contains about 600 animals, he is unique establishment in the country which supports a habitat of dwelling of wild animals. Here you can see lions, ягуаров, leopards, brown and black bears, camels, wolves, jackals, foxes, raccoons, and also owls and стервятников.
Besides snakes, cayman and lizards here live. Favourites of public are two Indian elephants. This place perfectly will approach for entertaining and cognitive family rest.

The Tourist guidebook on monuments of Dushanbe. 2012.

 Alexander Petrov.