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Zengi-baba mausoleum.

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Between the city Serdar (former town of Kyzyl-Arvat) and Ashgabad in the settlement Murcha (Bakharden district) there is a mausoleum Zengi-baba.
The square dome building with the room which length of walls 5 meters, are built from the small burned brick on clay solution.
On the main thing, strongly injured facade remained figured tile, blue bricks with ornamental motive from two curls.
The space over an entrance is revetted with a carved, stamped and irrigation blue and blue terracotta tile.
G. A. Pugachenkova states two versions of emergence of this construction: it was built in the X - XI centuries and in the XIII - XIV centuries is reconstructed on the former place from an old brick, or, perhaps, built in the XIII - XIV centuries from a brick of old constructions.

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