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Trip in Arslanbob.

Excursion on horses in natural boundary Arslanbob.

Extension of route: 350 km.
Seasonallity: April - Oktober.
 Best time for excursion: June - September.
Advanced reservation - for 48 hours.

The short description of route of tour from southern capital of Kyrgyzstan in nut woods of natural boundary Arslanbob:

Osh - town of Uzgen - settlement Kaiyrmy - settlement Kyzyl-October - settlement Arslanbob - natural boundary Dashman - the Big falls at mountain Babash-Ata - Osh.

3 days, 2 nights.

The detailed description of tour from the town of Osh in settlement Arslanbob:

1 Day. Ош - the town of Uzgen - settlement Kaiyrmy - settlement Kyzyl-October - settlement Arslanbob (175 km).
Breakfast. Transfer: Osh - Arslanbob (175 km). After Osh we pass the town of Uzgen historical sight of the south of Kyrgyzstan. Our way after the town Osh passes by northern part to extensive Fergana valley and after settlement Red-October will run along the river the Kara-Unkur gradually going deep in mountains of the Fergana ridge. Lunch in a way. The settlement Arslanbob is named the legendary gardener who has planted, under the legend, surrounding nut woods. The settlement was stretched at height 1400 meters above sea level  and since ancient times involves inhabitants of east part of Fergana valley with soft climate and beauty of the nature. Arrival in settlement Arslanbob, transfer to guest houses, accommodation. Lunch in the guest gouse. The natural boundary Arslanbob settles down along rough river Arslanbob-Su on 8 - 10 km and is at height from 1200 up to 1800 meters above sea level. In the north from settlement in the western spurs of the Fergana ridge there is the highest peak of neighboring mountains - Babush-Ata 4427 meters above sea level. On subalpine and Alpine meadows all variety of the rich nature and paint of field colors is presented. The tree of a hawthorn at inhabitants is considered a tree of dream and desires. Here, near to a falls, on this tree fasten shred fabrics and think of desires. Visiting tomb of the saint Arslanbob  where the legendary gardener, visiting of local mosque is buried. Walk on horses in natural boundary Dashman (3 km) to falls Chiltan. The height of falls 30 - 35 meters falls and is broken to bottom about boulders and fragments of rocks. In air it is lot of moisture, cool. Downwards to falls the good footpath is laid, to the left of falls there is cave. Picnic on the nature. After visiting falls walk in nut woods of natural bundary Arslanbob (4 km). Returning in settlement. Dinner and overnight in guest houses.
2 Day. The big falls at mountain Babash-Ata of 4427 meters above sea level (7 km).
Breakfast. Horse riding: Arslanbob - the Big falls (7 km). Our way passes through village, with houses constructed in national style. Horse riding to a tourist center, the panorama on near mountain ridges from here opens, the highest tops lay under a snow. From a track the falls is well looked through from settlement Arslanbob and it is visible on a background of rocks. The track goes on rise. When we approach to water-pood more close, it is visible that it wide and big, soon it a short time later clear away a ledge of mountain.. We pass the rivers and slopes of mountains, the road rises to the Big falls 2200 meters above sea level. The juniper, maples, nut trees, apple-trees, different bushes Here grow: a dogrose, cotoneaster, ipesas. From height of 140 meters crystal-clear water which form two separate falls, the first falls in height about 80 meters, the second falls, about 60 meters falls. Further our way goes through nut woods, here there are very high trees. Among century nut trees there is a tomb legendary sacred Ibn-Abasa. A following place of our excursion to a place of the big panorama of neighboring mountains where traditionally inhabitants celebrated arrival of spring. At descent to a falls there are three caves which Caves of forty angels refer to. Women who do not have children, come to these caves, enter into caves, sacred angels pray also help them to have the child. Now we hear only noise of falling water. From small houses of hydrostation it is risen to a place, the falls whence falls. Tracks here are not present, on slopes it is a lot of stones which lay under legs. Waters of a falls fall from a monolithic and high rock. Picnic at a falls. After visiting falls walk in of Arslanbob (7 km).Dinner and overnight in guest houses.
3 Day. Arslanbob - town of Osh (175 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Osh.Mountains in vicinities of settlement Arslanbob.Walk on horses in mountains of the Fergana ridge.Falls in natural boundary Dashman.Mountains in vicinities of settlement Arslanbob.Walk on horses in mountains of the Fergana ridge.Falls in natural boundary Dashman.

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