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«One of advantages of travel is an opportunity to visit new cities and to get acquainted with new people»


Northern Tien-Shan. Zailiskiy Alatau ridge. Northern Tien-Shan stretches from west to east for 400 km. It is divided into two ranges – Zailiski Alatau (“the first range behind Ili river”) and Kungei Alatau (“bright snowy mountains faced to the sun”). Zailiskiy Alatau is 280 km long and up to 60 km wide. Its northern slopes belong to South-Eastern part of Kazakhstan.
Kungei Alatau is situated completely in Kyrgyzstan. All this mountain system belongs to Chiliko-Keminski mountain junction. The highest part of the ridge is situated between Kastek 2825 meters above sea level in the west and Amanzhol 3510 meters above sea level passes in the east. It is about 180 km long. The highest point is Talgar peak 5017 meters above sea level.
The biggest glaciers: Korzhenevskogo, Bogatyr, Shokalskogo, Tuyk-Su, Djangaryk. Ili river. A river in China and Kazakhstan. It takes its beginning in Eastern Tien-Shan from two outfalls – Tekes and Kunges. Its length from Tekes outfall is 1439 km. Its square is 131 - 140 thousand sq. km. Within Kazakhstan territory it is 815 km long. About 26 species of fish dwell in Ili river.
Falling into Balkhash lake it forms a delta (9 thousand square km).  In the period from 1965 to 1980 Kapchagai Hydroelectric power station was built in the middle flow of Ili river.  

Brief description of route auto-trekking lengthways Zailiskiy Ala Tau in Kungey Ala-Tau:

Almaty - valley Medeo - ski resort Shymbulak - river Ili – national park Altyn-Enel - town of Zharkent - canyons of the river Charyn - lakes Kolsay - lake Kaindy - Almaty.

Distance of route: 1666 km.
Season: from May, 25th till September, 15th.
 Best time for travel: July - September.
The size of group: 8 person.
Duration of tour: 14 days, 13 nights.

Detailed program auto-trekking day by day in mountains Northern Tien-Shan and national park Altyn-Emel: 

Almaty Silk Road Tours.

Day 1. Almaty.
Arrival in Almaty. Meeting in airport, transfer to the hotel, accommodation. Rest. Breakfast. City sightseeing: visit to the 28 Panfilov’s guardsmen park, Cathedral, Museum of national musical instruments (In a museum of musical instruments it will be shown 20 a minute concert on Kazakh national, musical instruments - play on Dombra, singing under dombra, Kobyz, Sabyzgy), National museum. Visit to Medeo gorge, walking. Lunch in the national restaurant “Kazakh Aul”, Kazakh national meals. After lunch visit by cable way to Kok-Tyube mountain 1070 meters above sea level (the Dark blue hill).
On a southeast slope of mountain Kok-Tyube there is a television tower in height 371м. which can maintain earthquake in 10 points. Back to Almaty. After visit to Kok-Tyube continuation of excursion across Almaty visiting to Green Bazaar, of shop of confectionery factory "Rakhat, republic square. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 2. Glacier Bogdanovitch. Almaty - Medeo 1691 meters above sea level – Shymbulak 2230 meters above sea level (25 km, 1 hour).
Breakfast. Today walk on glacier Bogdanovitcha. Tansfer to Shymbulak. Ascent by skiing way to Big Talgar pass 3163 meters above sea level. Hiking to Bogdanovich glacier 3410 meters above sea level. Lunch. Back to Big Talgar pass. Descent by skiing way to Chimbulak. Transfer to valley Tuyk-Su (2 km). Accommodation at the hotel “Vorota Tuyk-Su”, dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Daay 3. Tuyk-Su gorge – Shymbulak - Almaty – Big Almaty Lake (28 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Big Almaty Lake. One the way visit to the bird's nursery “Sunkar”, here we can see birds from family of predators - a falcon, a golden eagle, an eagle and others. Arrive on the mountain lake, walking around. Lunch.
Transfer to Djusaly-Kezen pass 3337 meters above sea level, walking near the Pass and to Space Station. Return to observatory GAISH, accommodation at the guest house “Gaish”, dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 4. Big Almaty gorge.
Breakfast. Walk to a place of a confluence of river Ozernaya in lake and rise on the river in top. Panorama of peaks Ozernyi and Sovetov which are around of lake. Lunch on the way. Return to observatory GAISH, accommodation at the guest house “Gaish”, dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 5. Observatory GAISH - Almaty – Kapchagai town – Ili river - Sary-Ozek village – Altyn-Emel Pass 1890 meters above sea level – Baschi village (302 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Ili river. Rafting on the Ili river (21 km., 4 hrs).  Beneath the Kapchagai water reservoir Ili flows in a deep rocky canyon, up to 200 meters wide. River in this part is full-flowing with rapid current and clear water. The canyon is about 100 meters deep. There are small islands in the river-bed. In 1,5 – 2 hours another rocks are seen to the right – it is Tamgaly-Tas gorge, where on one of the rock the image of Buddha is engraved. Lunch on the river Ili.
After visit to Tamgaly – Tas, transfer: Ili river – Chengeldy village – Sary-Ozek village – Altyn-Emel Pass – Baschi village (160 km). On the way stop and visit to the place where the colonies of tortoises live. Arrival in Baschi village, accommodation in the guest house, dinner and overnight at the guest house.
Day 6. Baschi village - Altyn-Emel park (96 km).
Breakfast. Transfer:  settlement Basschi - cordon Shagan - cordon Mynbulak - Singing Barchan (48 km). Walk in vicinities of the Singing barchan, at desire an ascention on sand on top of mountain from sand.
Transfer: Singing barchan - spring Valikhanov (2 km), descent to a spring, on a legend at a spring stopped Kazakh traveller Shokan Valikhanov, walk in vicinities. Lunch-picnic on the way.
Transfer:  spring Valikhanov - stones Oshaktas (8 km). Walk in vicinities stone stele Oshaktas.
Transfer:  Oshaktas - cordon Mynbulak (1 km). On cordon Mynbulak it is possible to visit a small pond in which the small family of carp and other fishes live. Ancient willows, with semicentenial age, also will draw your attention, in a shadow of willows it is possible to have a rest after visiting the Singing barchan and to get drunk cold water from a spring.
The further transfer: Mynbulak - settlement Basshi (37 km). Arrival in settlement Basshi, accommodation in guest house «Aigekum», dinner and overnight.
Day 7. Altyn-Emel park (153 km).
Breakfast. Transfer:  Basshi - mountains Aktau (71 km). After settlement Basshi our way is passed two small settlements Nurum and Aktobe after them lays on the east between mountains Aktau and the river Ili. Gradually the country road deduces us to mountains Aktau and the further way passes along southern slopes of mountains Katu-tau and Aktau. Arrival on multi-coloured mountains Aktau, walk upwards on gorge in vicinities of mountains Aktau. Lunch-picnic on the way.
Transfer:  Актау - gorge Katu-tau (26 km). Arrival on rocky file Katu-tau, walks in vicinities. Lunch.
Transfer:  Katu-tau - cordon-valley Kosbastau (27 km). On cordon Kosbastau there is a small artificial pond and some centenary willows, one of which more than 700 years. Walk in vicinities of valley.
Transfer:  Kosbastau - settlement Basshi (29 km). Arrival in settlement Basshi, accommodation in guest house «Aigekum», dinner and overnight.
Day 8. Basshi settlement - Koktal village – Zharkent village (313 km).
Breakfast. Excursion on Zharkent: visiting Zharkent of a mosque, architecturally-art museum. Zharkent, since 1942 city Panfilov, has received the status of city in 1882 in connection with definition of southwest border of Russian empire and the organization here the district center. In 1887 has been decided to begin construction of a mosque on the money collected by city dwellers, the management about construction of a mosque was incured by merchant Vali Akhun Yldashev.
Work conducted more than hundred best masters-builders. Visiting of orthodox church, the church construct in 1892, visiting of city park, a local market, art gallery name of Kasteev is constructed. Lunch in the local eating house. End excursion.
Transfer: Zharkent – Koktal village – Kieli-Agash village (33 km). Nearby behind settlement there is a huge tree in a small grove, to this tree more than 700 years. The most part of a tree has dried up, but some branches still green, diameter of a tree more than 6 meters.
Transfer to Chundzha (90 km). On a way in Chundzha we pass the bridge through river Ili. Arrival in Chungzha village, accommodation in the guest house, dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 9. Settlement Chundzha - canyon Temerlik - canyon Charyn - settlement Zhanalansh - settlement Saty - lake Kolsay - I 1800 meters bove sea level (221 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to canyons of the river Charyn (140 km). On a way short walk in canyon Temerlik. Walk in big canyon Charyn to the river Charyn. A lunch on the river Charyn.
Transfer on lake Kolsay - I (81 km). On a way on lake Kolsay a stop on panoramic platforms at canyons on the river Charyn, visit of the cascade of canyons. Arrival on lake Kolsay - I, accommodation in the guest house. Evening walk in vicinities of lake. Returning in the guest house, a dinner and overnight.
Day 10. Lake Kolsay - I - lake Kolsay - II (9 km).
Breakfast. Today we shall make foot walk on lake Kolsay - II which is at height of 2252 meters above sea level. This lake is located in nine kilometers from lake Kolsay - I. The track passes on the left coast of lake from a track magnificent kinds on lakes Kolsay and neighboring mountains open.
The fish lives in lake Kolsay - I - a royal trout. From the south the river Kolsay, lake runs into lake Kolsay more than two kilometers in length, depth of lake up to 80 meters. The most beautiful lake Kolsay - II is in an environment of high mountains, from the southern party of lake the river Kolsay follows. A lunch on lake Kolsay - II. Returning to lake Kolsay - I. A dinner and overnight in the guest house.  
Day 11. Lake Kolsay - I - settlement Kurmenty - valley of the river Chilik (28 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to settlement Kurmenty (8 km). Today at us walk on horses in gorge of the river Chilik, our walk will reach a mouth of the river Kuturgan, we pass pass Botl-Moinok and we pass in ford on horses the river Taldy (12 km). Lunch on the way. Returning to horses in settlement Kurmenty. Transfer to the guest house on lake Kolsay - I (8 km). Dinner and overnight in the guest house.
Day 12. Lake Kolsay - I - lake Kaindy of 1887 meters above sea level (42 km).
Breakfast. A trip on lake Kaindy (21 km). This one of beautiful lakes Northern Tien-Shan in which there are trunks Tien-Shan fur-trees, the lake is in an environment high Tien-Shan fur-trees. Walk in vicinities of lake Kaindy, descent to lake, walk in a mouth of the river Kaindy. A lunch. Returning to lake Kolsay - I (21 km). A dinner and overnight in the guest house.
Day 13. Lake Kolsay - I - settlement Zhalanash - settlement Kokpek - settlement Chilik - Almaty (291 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Almaty. A lunch in settlement Bayseit. Arrival in Almaty, transfer to hotel, accommodation. A free time. A farewell supper and overnight.
Day 14. Almaty.
Transfer in the airport, departure from Almaty.

Big Almaty lake.Altyn-Emel park.Near Big Almaty lake.Kaindy lake.White mountains.Big Almaty gorge.Altyn-Emel park.Valley Medeo.Kaindy lake.Observatory GAISH.Kolsay lake - II.Space Station in Big Almaty gorge. Kolsay lake - I.

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 Author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and use of a material - from the sanction of the author

Photos by 
 Alexander Petrov.