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The building was built in 1981 in a classical style. It holds two auditoriums: a 1,000-seat large hall and a 250-seat experimental theater. The stage is transformable. The theater’s exterior and the interior are designed with regular lines on which the surfaces are decorated in traditional style.
A series of uniform columns emphasize the main front and make it stand solemn and grand in contrast to the other buildings around it. In front of the theater stands a monument to Mukhtar Auezov, a great Kazakh writer (1897 - 1961), sitting in an armchair as if immersed in his thoughts. He was a writer of prose and is most known for The Path of Abai - a book tracing rise of the writer Abai.
The theater’s building makes an ensemble together with those of the Circus and the Wedding Palace forming a picturesque spot in the city. On the theater’s repertoire are classical and modern productions in the Kazakh language. Translation into Russian is provided. Theater works all year round. Performances begin at 6.30 pm. 
Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre named after M.Auezov is considered as one of the main scenes of our country for many years. This theater became a kind of cradle of the Kazakh national theater art. 
The theater was organized and planned to be a major national theater in the country. That is why it was located in the capital of the Kazakh ASSR Kyzyl-Orda. It opened in January 13, 1926, and the premiere staging of the theater was the play written by Koshke Kemengerov "Altyn Sakina" ("Golden Ring").
Seraly Kozhamkulova became a producer of this play. A big concert in which almost all known Kazakh masters of art of that time participated was performed for numerous spectators on the day of the premiere.
Initially, the theater staged performances reflecting establishment and first years of Soviet power: "Red Falcons" by Seyfullin "Zarlyk" by Uspanov and Uteulin. Besides the repertoire consisted of many performances telling about the life of an old village and life of simple Kazakh people: "Karakoz" "Baybishe - Tokal" by Auezov, "Marriage", "Sly Mullah" by Maylin, "Malkambay" by Erdanaev "Torsykbay", "Aidarbek", "Arkalyk batyr" by Shanin.
In the early years of the theater directors often were nominated from the actor's environment: Shanin, Kozhamkulov, Dzhandarbekov. The writers Auezov, Seyfullin and Mailin worked on the creation of the first repertory.
The theater gathered real enthusiasts and talented artists of folk and amateur art: A. Kashaubaev, K. Dzhandarbekov, S. Kozhamkulov, K. Kuanyshpaev, E. Umurzakov, I. Baizakov, K.Beisov, Badyrov K., K. Munaytpasov, J. Shanin, F. Ashkeeva, Z. Atabaeva, Sh Baizakov Shamova M. etc.
In 1929, in connection with the transfer of the capital, the theater moved to Almaty. Initially it was located in the building of the cinema "Orion" (the former Verny Club clerks) the address of which was Kopalsky str. (now Kunaev) and Soviet (Kazybek bi).
Later, the theater has repeatedly changed its address. In 1941-1963 it was located in Dzerzhinsky str., 83 (former club NKVD named after Dzerzhinsky) together with the Russian Drama Theater. In 1963 - 1982 the theater was located in a new purpose-built building with 800 seats in the main square named after Komintern, opposite to the park named after A.Imanov, in Communist (Abylaikhan) street.
In 1982, the Theatre named after M.Auezov has finally found its permanent place, it solemnly moved to a new magnificent building in the center of Almaty. The room was fully equipped with the necessary shops and the most modern facilities. There were two rooms, a large hall with 756 seats and a small little room with 276 seats in the theater. The authors of this project were the architects: O.Baymurzaev, A.Kaynarbaev, M.Zhaksalykov; the engineers: M.Plahotnikov, A. Brohovich; the artists I.Nimets, G.Zavizionny. The theater building is an architectural monument, and entered the register in 1982. The monument of M.O. Auezov (1980., Sculptor B.Sergebaev) is established at the Theater Square.
Over the years, the creative team of the theater was a participant and winner of many international theater festivals held in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. In 1961, the artistic success of the theater was noted, and it was named after the great Kazakh writer-playwright M.Auezov, who was at the forefront of this theater.
Today, the theater named after M. Auezov has a rich repertoire, staged by renowned Kazakh and world directors, based on the works of national and world classics. The performances based on plays by William Shakespeare "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet", G.Gauptman "Before Sunset," Nikolai Gogol "Marriage", M.Auezov "Abay", "Ayman-Sholpan", "Қaragoz" I.Saparbay "Gypsy serenade" T.Nurmaganbetov "Bes boydakka bir toi" F.Bulyakov "Otyz ulin bolgansha" D.Isabekov "Zhauzhurek" Ү.Gadzhybekov "Arshin mal alan" etc. are staged in the theater.
The following figures were at the stage of the theater in the role of showmasters: people's artist of the Kaz SSR A.Ashimov; laureate of state prize of the RK, «Otan», «Parasat» decoration holder S.Orazbayev; people's artist of the RK, laureate of state prize of the RK Т.Zhamankulov; Distinguished artist of the RK H. Elebekova; people's artist of the RK К.Tastanbekov; people's artist of the RK, «Otan» decoration holder Z.Sharipova; people's artist of the RK N.Myshbayeva; people's artist of the RK, «Parasat» decoration holder Т.Tasibekova, Distinguished artist of the RK B.Imasheva and others.
Drama Theatre named after Auezov continues its best traditions, it constantly prepares new actors, takes part in international festivals, and hosts the troupes of other theaters within its walls as well. And now it remains one of the leading theaters in Kazakhstan.


Alexander Petrov.