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Tasharvat caravan-serai.

Archaeological monuments in vicinities of Balkanabad.

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Caravan-serai.Tasharvat, located at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level in the Tashravat tract near the spring, 216 meters southeast of the Jebel - Oglanly highway, 18.3 kilometers northeast of the city of Jebel, 14 , 6 kilometers south-west of the village of Oglanly, 26.4 kilometers north of the city of Balkanabat on the territory of the city administration of the city of Balkanabat in the Balkan velayat.
The caravan-serai is a rectangular fortification with a stone wall, inside there are ruins of a residential building.
The northern wall of the caravan-serai is semi-oval, 50 meters long, the lyric of the eastern wall is 25 meters. The location of the caravan-serai on one of the ancient caravan routes in the Big Balkhan region gives reason to think that it may have been one of the many branches of the Great Silk Road.
During the functioning of the Great Silk Road, the caravanserai was of great importance for the caravans passing by, in which they made a stop on the way of their long wanderings. 175 meters to the northwest there is a seasonal oasis; now there is a spring and a small cafe by the road.
According to legend, near the caravanserai there was a grove of elm of 100 trees. The first mentions of the Tasharvat fortification were found in 1871 - 1872. Archaeological research has shown that at the end of the XIXth century, the building was inhabited.
Geographic coordinates of the Tasharavat caravan-serai: N39 ° 45'04.94 "E54 ° 22'38.42"

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