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Square with fountains in Astana.

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“A sage should not stop in a city in which there are no five things: first, a just sovereign and a strict and powerful ruler; secondly, running water and fat land; thirdly, scientists with practical knowledge and endowed with moderation; fourthly, skilled and compassionate doctors; fifth, generous benefactors"

As-Samarkandi Muhammad ibn Ali.

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The central square consists of a complex of sculptures and fountains, reflecting the greatness and power of our young sovereign state. On July 6, 2000, according to the project of Azat Boyarlin, the fountain "Tree of Life" was built in the capital.
The figure of each animal is crowned with the head of a dragon, a symbol of wisdom. The opening of the square was timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the President of Kazakhstan. The composition is located along the central long axis and is designed for walking around.
Little girl and boy symbolizes the future of our country. The wolf and the leopard are the sacred symbols and totem deities of our distant ancestors, who are characterized by truly heroic typification. Fountain "Tree of Life" - Baiterek with a spherical crown, located on the "New Square" at the intersection of Victory Avenue and Abay.
It serves as a dominant square and is surrounded on four sides by figures representing natural elements. In the center of the fountain is the Tree of Life, a triune concept of the world, where the roots are the underworld, our ancestors, the trunk is the middle world in which we live, the future is spirituality and our future descendants.
On four sides, 4 world elements are embodied in the images of animal figures: Water is represented by the Bull, Earth by the Camel, Fire by Aries, Wisdom by the Dragon. The figure of each animal is crowned with the head of a dragon - a symbol of wisdom.
The construction itself is exclusively symbolic in nature, conveying the eternal cycle of life. The composition reflects the legends and myths of the Turkic peoples: about the creation of the world, about the essence of life, about the elements that surround a person.
The square has a radial structure. The spaces between eight diagonal diagonal paths from the center, the core of which is a fountain, differ from each other in landscaping. In one direction only rowan berries are planted.
In the other - lilacs, in the third - apple trees. In the summer of 2013, figures representing natural elements, as well as beautiful night illumination, disappeared from the pedestals. Architects - S. Rustambekov, B. Konysbay. Sculptor - A. Bayarlin. Located on the «Zhan Alan» square.

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