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Shopping center "Keruen".

Tour from Astana to Bayanaul Park.

“Fool me in price, but not in goods”

Thomas Fuller.

Trip from Astana to memorial complex ALZHIR.

Shopping and entertainment complex "Keruen" is located on the territory of the special economic zone "Astana - New City". SEC “Keruen” is located on Nurzhol Boulevard near Baiterek, between the National Library, the State Archive and the Northern Lights (left bank) housing complex.
Family-type shopping and entertainment center “Keruen” has a class “A” classification and attracts a buyer by providing the maximum range of goods, services and brands, allowing customers to conduct a comparative review of goods and make purchases that are most relevant to their needs, as well as relax. spend time with children, friends, etc.
There is an overview of salons and billboards from all floors, as well as a beautiful and unusual interior design through atriums, through which all floors are additionally illuminated. The main idea of ​​the design of the project is the Great Silk Road.
The concept is this: display of the historical stops of the Great Silk Road through the territory of the shopping center. These are the following stops: Vostok (China), singing sands, heavenly lake, Kashgar bazaar in Tajikistan, the fortress zone and the jewelry market zone in Afghanistan on the 1st and 2nd floors, and the end of the journey - in Europe, “located” on the 3rd floor.

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