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Petroglyphs of Karakyr.

Photos petroglyphs of Almaty region.

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Petroglyphs in Anrakhai mountains.

The Karakyr petroglyphs are located in the Karykyr mountains, which have the highest elevation of 1,065.1 meters above sea level. The length of the Karakyr mountains is 8 kilometers, they stretch from the south-east to the north-west, the maximum width is 2.5 kilometers, 8.5 kilometers to the south-east are Tamgaly petroglyphs in the Zhambyl district of the Almaty region.
Rock paintings are dispersed here on several hills. Most of the drawings were found on the rocky ridges of the northern hill of the tract, they are placed in 2 - 3 tiers. Among the plots there are also anthropomorphic images - sun-headed deities, figures of archers, horsemen, solar signs.
Bulls, horses, deer, argali, predators, dogs, deer, goats, camels are carved here. There are no large multi-figure compositions. Scenes of hunting, cattle driving, plots with scenes of tormenting herbivores by predators, battles between archers, scenes of sacrifice prevail.
Repeatedly found figures of men with raised hands. Images are multi-time. The main part of the drawings in style and plots is comparable with the petroglyphs of the Bronze Age of the main gorge of Tamgaly. Images of animals in the upper part of the hills are mostly made in the Scythian-Siberian “animal” style.
Geographic coordinates of the Karakyr petroglyphs: N43 ° 51'04.29 "E75 ° 27'08.17".

"Ural writings in the world of rock art." D.K. Dubrovsky, V.Yu. Grachev.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.