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Muslim mosque in Kostanay.

Architectural monuments of Kostanay.

"The biggest and most sincere part of our prayers is complaints."

 Jonathan Swift.

Mosques of Kostanay.

The Muslim mosque in Kostanay is located on Al-Farabi avenue, 44. A striking monument of the cult architecture of the city of Kostanay at the end of the XIXth century is the building of the Muslim mosque, which was built in 1893 with donations from the population.
The main sponsors of the new mosque were one of the most famous merchants and benefactors of the town of Kostanay at the end of the XIXth and beginning of the XXth century, a representative of the Trinity Trading House "Brothers Yaushevs" Abdulvalei Akhmedkhanovich Yaushev.
The semicircular ledge of the two-story mosque ended with a high balcony, from which Muslims were called to prayer. The building of the 6-meter high mosque was divided into two tiers. During the Soviet era, the mosque was used as a club.
During the Great Patriotic War, an evacuation point was set up in the building; after the war, a theater for young spectators was located. Then the building was rebuilt into a concert hall of the regional philharmonic society.
From 1991 to 2016, a mosque was located in this building. The significance of the monument is due to the small number of such religious buildings of this period, the synthesis of the techniques of regional and eclectic architecture.
According to the laws and regulations of the Russian Empire, residence in the new resettlement cities and villages of Muslim Tatars, Lutheran Germans and other persons of non-Orthodox faith was either prohibited or limited.
The influence and wealth of prominent Tatar families from the nearby town of Troitsk changed the situation. Tatarskaya, then Shakirovskaya, then Narimanovskaya Sloboda played a significant role in the life of the young city of Kustanai.
In the lower tier, covered with felt, poor Muslims prayed, in the upper tier with walls and floors, decorated with luxurious carpets - the local nobility. In 1931, by the decision of the City Council, the building of the mosque was transferred to the club.
The first projectionist S. Zakharov recalled: “In the club, the cinema was only in the evening, the exact time was not indicated, in the posters they wrote - the beginning of the film after the cows.” Currently, there is again a mosque here.

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