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Museum of Türkmenabat.

Museums of Lebap Region.

Tours across the ancient cities of Turkmenistan on the Great Silk way.

It is worthy of a visit also the Historical Museum of Turkmenabat, realized in the mosque of Hadji Malik, an elegant building of nine-teenth century of great architectonic interest. In the halls of the Museum it is possible to admire a rich collection of finds dating back to the period in which this area was an important crossroads along the famous Silk Road.
Museum in Turkmenabat open on 15-th of September  2011. The Museum is open every day from 10.00 to 17.00 and is situated in 12, Altyn Kok street. The two-storeyed building from a brick, a stone, was built in style of strict architecture of the beginning of the XX century.
Windows, a round form, an arch over an entrance, heavy massive doors. Two peaked turrets and the dome covered with bluish glaze aspire up, to the sky, to easy air clouds, the bright sun is reflected generously playing the beams on ancient figured lattices.
It is Turkmenabd museum of local lore. It is in the down town of Türkmenabat and always draws attention of guests with the unique shape, being distinguished from a modern complex of multystoried houses, hotels, sculptural monuments of modern times - the XXth century Before it - the square, all greens, in flowers, and small cozy benches.
Here very much citizens like to have a rest. How many secrets and ancient legends, riddles store halls and rooms of the museum! In the XIX century it was to mosque Persians - Shiites, with a minaret which, did not remain up to now.
Opening of the museum of history took place in 1967. Originally there art exhibitions and cultural actions. Residents of Lebap Region, its distant etraps began to bring old times objects, ware, clothes, photos, archival ancient books which from fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers here.
Many materials were received during excavation of a historical sciences of Albert Buryokhanov. On the basis of written, scientific research, archeological finds began to study history of the ancient cities of Amul and Chardzhuy. So, consistently, on particles, funds in storage of the museum.
Three main sections began to make its basis: archeology and etnograyofiya, nature and present.

The mosque in Chardzhou in Soviet period there was a museum of local lore here.Museum in Turkmenabat open on 15-th of September  2011.

Magazine of "Vozrazhdeniye" No. 1 for 2006. Yu. Dzhumayeva.