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Museum Mirzo Tursun-zade.

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“Since the world arose in darkness,
No one else on earth
Didn't give in to regret
About the fact that he gave his life to learning."

Rudaki Abu Abdullah Jafar.

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Memorial and Literary Museum of the People's Poet of Tajikistan Mirzo Tursunzade is located along Sherali Street (former Karl Marx Street), 79 in the city of Dushanbe. Mirzo Tursunzade was founded by the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Tajikistan and the Council of Ministers of the Tajik SSR on March 21, 1978 in the former house of the poet in the city of Dushanbe on the initiative of his family and with the support of the Government of Tajikistan.
The museum is located in the private house of Mirzo Tursunzade in the central district of Dushanbe. . The museum was opened for visiting during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the birth of Mirzo Tursunzade in 1981.
The permanent exposition of the museum is located in the private house of Mirzo Tursunzade, where the furnishings of the living room and study have been preserved. The museum faithfully reproduces the living and working conditions of the great Tajik writer, and also tells about the cultural life of Dushanbe in the middle of the XXth century.
In a special room, an exposition is presented that tells about the life and work of Mirzo Tursunzade, his versatile activities to strengthen peace. An important part of the museum collection is the library and personal archive of Mirzo Tursunzade.
Here are collected photographs, manuscripts, poetic compositions, gift books and personal correspondence of the poet with cultural figures of foreign countries. The house-museum consists of two departments: a memorial and a literary part.
The memorial exhibits things that the poet used during his lifetime and his personal library is located. The so-called literary part, which consists of 5 rooms, contains exhibits, manuscripts, photographs, materials that tell about the literary activity and life of the poet, from early childhood to his last days.
The first room contains materials about the poet's childhood. The exhibits of the second room acquaint visitors with the beginning of literary activity: various photographs and manuscripts of the poet are collected here on this topic.
In the third room there are photographs and gifts that the poet received from friends and colleagues in honor of significant dates and the 50th anniversary. The exhibits of the fourth room speak for themselves, as they are united under one common title "World Glory of the Poet".
The fifth room contains materials - memories of relatives, friends of Tursunzade, meetings with him in different life situations. In general, the House-Museum has collected over 20,000 different exhibits telling about the life and work of Mirzo Tursunzade.
Etiquette in Tajik and Russian. The museum organizes excursions for students, schoolchildren and tourists. Literary evenings, concerts and conferences are held in the conference hall of the museum. On the basis of the house-museum of Mirzo Tursunzade, the Association of Literary Museums of Dushanbe was formed, which, as branches, included the House-Museum of S. Aini and the House-Museum of A. Lakhuti.
Another museum dedicated to M. Tursunzade was opened in 1989 in the poet's homeland in the village of Karatag in the Tursunzade district of Tajikistan. At the beginning it functioned as a local history museum. In 2001, in honor of the 90th anniversary of Mirzo Tursunzade, the museum was transformed into a state memorial museum - the state house-museum of Mirzo Tursunzade named after the 16th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Tajikistan.
For him, a special one-story building was built on the banks of the river, surrounded by a garden. A sculptural bust of Mirzo Tursunzade is installed in front of the entrance to the museum.
The museum is open daily from 9.00 to 16.00. Weekends - Saturday, Sunday. The entrance is free.
Geographical coordinates of house-museum of Mirzo Tursunzade in Dushanbe: N38°35'31.08" E68°47'36.30"

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