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Museum in Khovaling.

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The historical-study of local lore museum of area Khovaling is to the address of: 735350 Republic Tajikistan, Khatlon of province, Khovaling area, settlement of city type Khovaling, street Khovaling, 5.
In 2004 the museum is based on the basis of a school public museum by the decision of regional administration and has received a small building in center Khovaling. Assemblies of a museum total about 900 exhibits which all are exposed on a constant exposition.
The basic part of assembly - a mass archeologic material from site of ancient settlement Mung VII - XII centuries, located near to settlement Khovaling. Researches of archeologic monuments of area were spent in 1970 - 1990, active participation in them was accepted by V.A.Ranov.
The exposition of a museum opens the section, devoted independence of Tajikistan. Then the collection material is grouped on sections of archeology, ethnography and modern history Khovaling.
Museum label in the Tadjik language. The basic visitors of a museum are school groups for which sightseeing tours are spent. The museum is opened from 8.00 till, on Saturday and Sunday from 8.00 till.
The Break for a lunch from 14.00 till. The Days off - Sunday, Monday. The Input free-of-charge.

Building of the historical-study of local lore museum of area Khovaling.Archeologic materials on an exposition of a museum.Archeologic materials on an exposition of a museum.Exposition «The Hall of glory, war and work». The Traditional female dress. Tadjiks of Southern Tajikistan. XX century.

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