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Museum in Farkhar.

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The historical-study of local lore museum of area Farkhar is to the address of: 735390 Republic Tajikistan, Khatlon of province, Farkhar area, settlement of city type Farkhar.
The Museum is based in 1992 under the decision of a management of area.
Settles down in a building of committee of youth in the central park of settlement. Collections of a museum total about 1400 exhibits which are completely presented on the constant exposition of a museum located in two halls by a total area about 150 square meters.
One of halls represents archeological finds and the ethnographic collections collected in territory of area Farkhar. The second hall - the Hall of glory, war and work - is devoted basically to participants of civil war of 1991 - 1996.
Here portraits of victims, their personal things and documents. Museum label in the Tadjik language. The basic visitors of a museum - schoolboys and visitors inhabitants of neighboring kishlaks.
For visitors free-of-charge excursions can be spent. Annually the museum represents an exhibition dated by days Farkhar in Kulyab. The museum is opened from 9.00 till . The Days off - Sunday, Monday. An input free-of-charge.

The Exhibit «First tractor Vakhsh of a valley».Exposition «The Hall of glory, war and work». Funeral of victims of civil war in Farkhar.Exposition «The Hall of glory, war and work». Portraits and personal things of inhabitants Farkhar, victims in civil war 1991 - 1996.General view of an ethnographic exposition.The General view of an ethnographic exposition.Ceramic vessel. XIX century.Samples of an embroidery. Tadjiks of Southern Tajikistan. The end of XX century.

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