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Mosque of Zhauke Nazargululy.

Sacred monuments in vicinity of Arkalyk.

“Yes, friends, hear my testament.
  On that I went underground at sixty-three.
  My spirit was examined by the Prophet during the ascension.
On that I went underground at sixty-three"

Khikmet Khoja Ahmed Yassaui.

Steppe mo ques of Kostanay region.

Zhauke Nazargululy Mosque is located at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level, located 113 meters on the left bank of the Kara-Torgai River, 4.4 kilometers north and slightly east of the village of Yekidin, 94.3 kilometers southwest of the city Arkalyk, 26 kilometers south of the village of Zhanakala, on the territory of the Saryturgai rural district, subordinate to the town administration of Arkalyk in the southeastern part of the Kostanay region.
The mosque, named after the legendary Zhauke batyr, rises in the steppe and is located 1 km to the north and slightly east of the mausoleum of Zhauke Nazargululy, which is located on the right bank of the Kara-Torgai River.
The mosque was built at the end of the XIXth century by one of the sons of Zhauke batyr. This iconic red brick building is more than a hundred years old. She served not only as a chapel for believers, but also as a school for village children.
At the mosque there was a madrasah, where children were taught Arabic literacy and the basics of Islam.
Geographical coordinates of Zhauke Nazargululy Mosque: N49°33'34.00" E66°09'37.35"

A. Amanzholova, researcher at the Denisov Museum of History and Local Lore.

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