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Moraine Lake Kichine-Burkut.

Excursion tours in Terskey Ala-Too mountains.

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Moraine lakes in Terskey Ala-Too mountains.

Moraine, flowing, fresh lake Kichine-Burkui is located at an altitude of 3677 meters above sea level, is source of river of same name in Ottuk River basin, is located on southern slope of Terskey Ala-Too ridge in Ak-Suu district in southeast of Issyk-Kul region. 
The lake of dammed origin is located in the upper part of the gorge of the same name in the interfluve of the Chon-Burkut and Chon-Ashu. The area of the lake is 164,788.29 square meters, the length of the coastline reaches 1,789 meters. The length of the lake is 675 meters, the greatest width in the northern part of the lake is 395 meters.
The southern part of the lake is swampy, the Kichine-Burkut River flows through the lake, and the sources of the river are located in the southern part of the lake. The lake is fed by two tributaries, which flow into the northern part of the lake. The tributaries originate from a small glacier located 1 kilometer north of the lake.
The area of the glacier is 187,445.29 square kilometers, the perimeter of the glacier reaches 1,698.34 meters. The length of the glacier is 430 meters. The upper boundary of the glacier is located at an altitude of 3993 meters above sea level.
Geographic coordinates of Lake Kichine-Burkut: N42°21'43 E79°07'06

Authority and photos by:
Alexander Petrov.